The wait is nearly over…


 Hello, Everyone.

I know my site has been up for a while and very little has been added to it. I have been busy writing a few stories, sending them to my wonderful beta to read and help find mistakes in them before I add them on here. I’ve also been writing for a challenge Kittyinaz set up and have almost finished rewriting it and am hoping to send it to tj6james6 (my beta) later today or tomorrow.A pretty link is below for other stories tj6james6 beta’ed.

(Fingers crossed) Also, I’ve been busy setting up my 21st birthday party and haven’t spent much time near my computer to do anything. I decided to make home-made decorations and forgot how time-consuming and messy they are.

So now that my party is over (and was a fantastic success) I can now focus on the stories I plan to add on here, so stay tuned and soon there will be stories to read.


060c5252-762a-4b69-a512-250c97b7d676Author Stamp.

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