Nobody Faint!


Yes, I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry.
I won’t give you excuses nor false promises, but I will say that I hadn’t meant for my long absence. Writer’s block and treatment for PTSD are part of the long absence and other normal real life issues, but now I’m back, and I hope ready to stay with regular updates.

Recently I was hit by the muse and grabbed an exercise book, thinking it would only be a few pages I shocked myself and my family by filling the 64-page book and continuing on with another. (I think my parents almost fell from their chairs when they noticed.)
So now I’m in the process of typing it up and hoping to fix any mistakes I’ve made.
So now dear readers and friends, as thanks for your long and patient wait.
Buckle up Kiddies, it’s about to get wild!

Here is the first chapter of Family: Always and Forever

~ Blissful

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