I’m Still Here….


Never fear, I haven’t forgotten about the site or the stories.

I’ve been hit by some rather crazy muse, and I mean the type that once is here you just keep writing. Damon the crazy blue eyed vampire has been driving me crazy. FYI a Drunk Damon while funny occasionally is a significant pain when he gets the Original Brothers drunk too. *Turns and glares at the drunk vampires singing 99 bottles. Hey quieten down, I’m trying to focus here. ‘But Darling, we’re having such a good time join us’ Kol calls holding the half empty bourbon bottle towards the author. Author shakes her head and glares back. ‘No. If you continue, I’ll write you have pink hair and dressing in punk!’ Author grumps hiding a smile as the horrified look crossed Kol’s face. Turns back to the computer exacerbated expression on her face.*

So good news is that I have written half of chapter 18, my beta Bella Macleod is fantastic and is working on fixing my horrible grammar and deserves to be sainted. I have a certain playlist that I listen to as I write. I’ll add the song list and maybe if I can find youtube links to the songs I’ll add them. For a taste of some of my other stories I’ll be working on soon here is ‘I’ll Be Home‘ and ‘Worth Fighting For…

Both stories I wrote as an entry into Kittyinaz‘s writing competitions. You should seriously have a look at her stories they are amazing. Her story ‘You’re All I Am Asking For‘ inspired my story Family: Always & Forever.  I hope to have the next chapter for Family: Always & Forever in the next week.

Author Stamp.


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