A new Chapter and a little note.

I sure most of you have noticed that I don’t post usually between chapters, it’s usually because I don’t really know what to write and so I post when I have a new chapter added just like now. I apologize for the wait between chapters but a couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday and then a few days later was out with my family for Father’s Day here in Australia. I also currently don’t have my own laptop and have borrowed my mother’s work MacBook to post, which is the reason for the delay in posting.


Sorry again for the space between chapters but hopefully my laptop will come back from the factory in complete working order and I’ll be back posting roughly weekly. I say roughly because it seems every time I try and make a schedule something or someone disrupts it. So as most are familiar with click the image below to get to the next chapter.
Does anyone want me to add recaps of the last paragraph (s) of the previous chapter before continuing on or leave it as is?
comments welcome.

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