The Results Are In…

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA. I won’t give excuses, as they’re tiresome and annoying.
So while I left the poll open a couple of days longer than when I originally planned to close, I hope you guys took advantage of it and voted for which twist you would prefer.

As the title says the results are in and I’ve counted the votes I received both from my site as well as from where I also post Family: Always & Forever.

So the results are:

Different and secret Twist ~ 10 votes
Evil Elena ~ 4 Votes
Evil Elena teaming up with the Cullens ~ 4 votes
Trouble with the Cullens ~ 3 votes
Marcel causing trouble ~ 3 Votes
Ester coming back ~ 1 vote

Thank you all for voting and letting me know with messages and comments both here and on ff.n. I love to hear from you guys and I hope the surprise twist, will keep everyone waiting with baited breath. =)

Let me know if you would like me to mix two plot lines together or just leave it all secret for you to uncover later.

Chapter Ten is also up, click the image below to head over to it.

Family: Always & Forever banner


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