Chapter 10 : The Cullens Leave Town…


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Bella’s POV:

Uncle Kol greeted the other person tersely; the conversation was spoken in hushed hisses and only lasted minutes. Throughout the exchange, Uncle Kol’s face stayed the same until right at the very end, when his head tilted back, and he barked a laugh. After the call, Uncle Nik sent him a grim smile.
“Good job on the dismemberment, too bad we couldn’t finish the job.” Uncle Nik commented.

“Niklaus. We wish to lay low for the girls’ sake and ending up in a war with this Cold One Coven and their possible leaders isn’t going to accomplish this.” Uncle Elijah calmly spoke, to anyone outside of the family he would seem calm and collected, but to us, we could see the anger bubbling away under the surface. Tightly controlled but once unleashed an inferno that wouldn’t go out anytime soon or with any ease.
“I don’t think this will be the last we see of the dismembered one or the rest of his ‘humane’ family,” Mama said causing Emma and me to snort in agreement.

“I think you’re right sister. There seems to be rather unlikely that any of them will forget about Bella and move on with their undead lives.” Uncle Finn said. “Do you think compulsion will work?” Emma asked we shared a look around the room.
“It could work at least for a little while.” Grams said. “It would work for at least a few years and by then without a way for them to find any of us easily they should give up.” Grams finished. “It seems like it would be our only shot to at least not end up in an all-out war with their kind,” I said, catching nods of agreement around the room.

“Right, I’m going to start with the wanker in the basement. Elijah, you have the ‘good’ doctor, Kol you have the bear looking one; I’m sure we can trust the Major to keep silent. Nik you have the ice queen, Charlie you have the pixie and Sage you have the mother hen.” Mama said before she kissed Emma and me on the forehead and leaving the room. I walked over and spoke to Uncle Finn; I saw Emma going to talk to Angela.


When the Cullen family arrived, it was evident they had been playing baseball as the whole family had some piece of a uniform. Esme was wringing her hands while Dr Cullen looked concerned. Mama brought out Edward in parts, and my family all ignored Esme and Dr Cullen’s horrified gasps. I noticed a distance Jasper had put between him and the others. I sent him a welcoming feeling, and when he looked over to me, I tilted my head in a casual and discreet gesture for him to enter. He had given a single nod before he made his way inside without either family saying a word to him.

“My family is going to compel them to forget about me. They won’t remember my face. I’ll be just a blur of a crowd.” I breathed to him; I saw him nod in return before we turned to see my family starting their memory heist.
Emma came to my side and whispered in my ear. “Why don’t you do the same thing for the Major that you tried with the Captain and Lieutenant?”
“I was thinking of offering it to him later on,” I said in Norse knowing it was safe as only my family would understand what we said between us.

I looked to see Jasper inclining his head towards us making Emma cover her mouth to stop from laughing as his face showed his confusion. “I certainly enjoy being able to keep things a mystery,” Emma commented once again using Norse. The front door closed snapping Emma and me out of our little bubble, catching the Cheshire grins on my family’s faces made me think I should have listened to what they had compelled the Cullen’s to believe.
“What did you do that gave you a reason to grin as you are?” Emma questioned suspiciously. “Oh, nothing my dear nieces that you need to worry about.” Uncle Kol said walking over to greet Jasper.

“Uh huh and pigs fly while unicorns fart rainbows.” I sarcastically spoke causing the others in the room to laugh. “Will one of you please let us in on the grins?” Emma begs as she sits on the couch with me joining her. “Fine, spoilsport. We made them forget the whole family and told them to move; they’ll sell their house here and never return to Forks. That way the shifters will be left alone in La Push, and if we ever decide to come back here, we don’t have to worry about them.” Uncle Charlie spoke as he shook Uncle Kol’s hand; this was one partnership that was a little suss.


A couple of days later, Emma, Angela and I were sitting at the tiny sole café in Forks. Curled up in the bean bags around a coffee table, sipping at our hot drinks. Around us discreetly hidden were a few vampires nearby, giving us as much privacy as they could while being close enough to protect us should anyone try to harm us.

“……Then Uncle Kol swam underneath mama and before she could say something he’d pulled her under the water,” Emma spoke laughing at the memory. “Of course mama was so mad at him that she left the beach and when we returned home we found what we thought was confetti outside,” I added shaking with laughter as Emma sat up slightly her eyes shining with mirth. “Oh no, she didn’t, did she?” Angela asks her hand covering her mouth. “Oh, she did turn all of Uncle Kol clothes into confetti pieces,” Emma spoke before the three of us let out peals of laughter. “Oh my God, your family is crazy. Did your uncle do anything in retaliation?” Angela questions. “Of course he tried, but Uncle Elijah stepped in and stopped anything else from happening, stating that if it would only continue and escalate,” I spoke mimicking Uncle Elijah at the end, causing another round of laughter.

A shade fell over Emma and I causing us to look up, standing behind us creating the shadow was Jessica Stanley followed by Lauren Mallory and Mike Newton. I thought that the rest of our old lunch table would be here as well. “Emma, Bella, Angela. It’s been awhile, how is homeschooling?” Lauren sneers, the three of us share wide smiles before we looked back at them.

“It’s fantastic. Our friend Sheila said next week we’ll start with a couple of units of the college course she teaches back in Virginia.” Emma states as she moves her hair over her shoulder with an innocent grin on her face. “College units? You’re sophomores.” Jessica spluttered while Lauren opens and shuts her mouth. “No, it seems Forks got our grade level wrong. We should have been in Junior or possibly senior classes; it seems the school had misplaced a few of our test results and with the missing information made the incorrect placement.” I explain watching as shock passed on their faces.

“What about Angela? She is a sophomore just like us; she has to be holding you both back.” Lauren snidely states. “I am doing the same work as Emma and Bella. The way our schooling is different from the classroom setting Lauren. I caught up with the girls in a couple of weeks.” Angela says defending herself. “What did you do intense study sessions and bribing the tutor?” Lauren snarks.
“Jealous, Lauren? It isn’t a good look for you.” Emma comments causing Angela and me to laugh. Lauren stamped her foot before she whirled away and left, leaving Jessica and Mike standing frozen.

“You’ll never guess what happened at school today,” Jessica said as she came to sit on an empty beanbag. Emma, Angela and I shared a look before shaking our heads. “Mrs Cullen came in with Edward, Alice and Rosalie; she withdrew all the kids. It seems they suddenly decided to move, that the town didn’t suit or something. Crazy right?” Jessica said with a roll of her eyes and Emma raised an eyebrow.
“Did they say where they would be moving?” Emma asked watching; I saw Mike looking at me and hid a flinch as I took a sip of my drink.

“No. Mrs Cullen told the school she was going to homeschool them and then let them find a college. Eric’s mum who works at the real estate office got a call from Mrs Cullen; they are selling the house as well. They seem to be in a hurry to get everything sorted and leave town.” Jessica continued answering Emma.
“It’s probably because Uncle Charlie caught Edward trying to break into Bella’s room. He let him off with a warning and said for it not to happen again otherwise he’d press charges.” Emma said, causing me to elbow her, she didn’t even flinch.
“Seriously? Wow. Who knew he’d be such a creep.” Jessica said as she shook her head.

“Our family arrived last night and caught him and scared him off after Uncle Charlie lectured him. I think when my Uncle Elijah went to speak to the family afterwards he scared them. I suppose they think leaving town will keep Edward from getting charged.” I said tilting my head to the side catching Jessica’s wide-eyed look. We knew everything we said would be around the school and possibly around the town soon enough. It wasn’t long before Jessica left with Mike behind her, we stayed for a little longer just casually talking. Leaving the coffee shop with Angela, Emma and me shared a laugh before heading back to the house.
The rest of the year passed in a relaxed and enjoyable routine. Jasper took me up on my offer to change his vampire type and after packing his items (which there weren’t many of) and headed to join Peter and Charlotte in South Dakota.

Uncle Kol having lost a bet with Uncle Nik had to sign up for the local high school, causing Emma, Angela and me to head back. We were all thrown into senior’s classes, and while Lauren and Jessica tried to spread rumours around of us, we ignored them and soon others were as well. Grams had to go back to Mystic Falls not long after our seventeenth birthday. Long phone calls from Angela and us, insured until in the middle of April of our senior year the sad phone call came through: Grams had died. In a state of grief and shock, Angela came with our heavily cloaked family as we attended the funeral. We stayed only long enough to cast the ritual sending her spirit over to the other side. We didn’t wait for the reading of the will, even though we knew we were in it. Emma and I threw ourselves into both our schoolwork and our magic. Uncle Kol stayed in school with us, mostly to keep an eye on us. Graduation came around faster than we thought and while the rest of our class was planning some ‘epic’ graduation party, Emma, Angela and I stayed away.

Uncle Kol attended the party much to Uncle Elijah’s annoyance. Angela had decided to join Emma, and I with playing with Magic joined us in casting a protection spell over the whole town. The three of us channelled the full moon, honouring Grams knowing she would be watching if she could. The strong spell cast and our own added to it for our joy we went back inside and fell asleep in front of the TV halfway through a movie. Mama thrilled with the graduation photos she had of Emma and I getting our diplomas. She even kept the picture of Uncle Kol getting his, half because it annoyed him no end that he’d had to go to high school and the other for the blackmail material.

Saying goodbye to Uncle Charlie was harder than anyone thought but soon we were on the road for a family road trip. Emma and I got to relax in a car with Uncle Nik while Uncles Elijah, Kol and Finn stayed with Mama and Aunt Sage. Angela was going travelling around the U.S at the different colleges since her tuition paid for by our family she could go wherever she wanted and was taking the year to go through her options.

Emma and I had fun as we travelled, I loved Texas learning to ride a horse, and the different dances were a highlight for me. Emma happened to enjoy watching the Cowboys at the rodeos, Uncle Kol and Uncle Nik had fun scaring off any admires she gained. Of course, kept protected since we were in a conflicted territory for cold one newborn wars and no one wanted Emma or me getting taken.

South Dakota Ranch

We stayed a while with the Whitlock’s in South Dakota; their property was a large ranch that they ran enjoying being able to work with horses again. Emma and I did protection spells and other small bits of magic. It was here that I started to do yoga and Pilates, mama and Emma join Charlotte and I once a week for ‘girl’ time, Aunt Sage had grown restless and left with Uncle Finn to see the world. Uncle Nik had signed Emma and I up for self-defence classes and ended up signing mama and Charlotte up as well, much to Jasper and even Peter’s disgruntlement.

“We could teach them far more than anyone else could.” Jasper had said pointing out their combine military training.
“You want to teach them to throw you to the ground and incapacitate a guy?” Uncle Nik had questioned with a pointed look making them both blanch.
“Er…well when you put it like that, we’ll have them take the classes, and we can add anything else we think they should know once they have the basics,” Peter said backtracking in the most dignified way possible.

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