Chapter 4: Settling In…

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Bella’s POV:

The next morning I woke to the sound of someone leaning on our doorbell.
“Someone had better be dying, or they’ll wish they had been,” Emma grumbled as she tied her robe with me following behind copying the action. Polite smiles and smoothed hair we answered the door, there three people stood. They were very pale and shared the same strange and inhuman topaz eyes, one was a caramel haired woman, the second was a massive bodybuilder type guy with dark curls, and the last was a tiny pixie like girl with short spiky black hair. The small girl was being held in place by the caramel haired woman’s hand on her shoulder.

“Good morning, I’m sorry for my son’s bad manners. I’m Esme Cullen, and this is Alice and Emmett. We wanted to welcome you to town.” The woman said.
“I’m Emma Mikaelson, and this is my twin, Isabella. It’s nice to meet you all; please come in.” Emma said stepping back and opening the door wider. We watched as shock and awe shared their faces when they entered. I hurried upstairs and dressed in comfortable distress jeans with a burgundy one off the shoulder long sleeve top with my teal high tops. I had brushed my hair before I braided it over one shoulder. I re-entered the room as Emma excused herself before going upstairs to dress.

“Sorry about the disappearing act.” I apologised with a smile.
“It’s no problem; your sister was talking about some jet-lag,” Esme said.
“Yeah adjusting time zones and such. We had been with our family in New York before we came here.” I said as I gestured to the seating of the dining room. “Sorry about the inadequate seating, it’s our uncle’s idea of a joke. He made sure we had the basics and left a note saying it our choice on how to furnish the rest of the place. Most things should arrive today or tomorrow.” I added as I sat on one of the four wrought iron chairs. Alice sat on the floor in front of Esme, while Emmett gingerly settled into the seat. “Your uncle sounds like he enjoys a good laugh,” Emmett commented with a grin. I caught Emma entering the room, her chuckles causing Emmett to jump and making me laugh.

“Oh, the joke will be on him. We are adopted, but we were brought up as Mikaelsons and are one.” Emma said her grin matching the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
“You were adopted?” Alice asked Emma, and I shared a look before nodding.
“Yes. Born and adopted on the same day but not biologically related. Though sharing a birthday seems to have made us as close as real twins.” I said smiling, while Emma took the last chair. “It was family friends that dubbed us ‘the twins’, and it stuck so we ran with it,” Emma said with a shrug.

“So what do your parents do?” Esme asked.
“Our mama lives off investments she made from her inheritance, and our Uncles had done the same though one does paint on the side,” I stated.
“What about your father?” Emmett asked.
“The town gossips think Charlie Swan is our father but then again they don’t know we are adopted, so they aren’t reliable. We don’t have a father, though Uncle Charlie was around helping mama with us so much that we’d probably view him as a father figure.” Emma said sending me a quick look which I replied with a shrug.

“Uncle Charlie was around so often as we grew up, he helped our mama and with us. Of course, we were a few days old when Mama first came to town with us, and to the town, it looked like overnight, uncle Charlie was close to our mama. Having been warned ahead of time about the rumours around Uncle Charlie’s relationship with mama and the supposed link between us. Mama knew we’d be kept safe and watched over while she and our uncles deal with whatever has occurred.” I said as Emma, and I saw the moment they connected the rumours to us.
“We don’t usually listen to gossip, but it picked up steam recently,” Esme said, unbothered by it, we grinned and nodded.

“It doesn’t bother you at all?” Alice asked. Shaking our heads before we replied.
“Why should it? We know the truth, and if it isn’t this, then it’s something else happening to someone else. There will always be gossip.” Emma stated. “Mama always said to be true to ourselves and not to let anyone talk down to us. If Uncle Kol were here, he’d give the gossips mismatched information to make them look stupid and then milk the chaos from it as much as he could.” I added, imagining the drama he would cause made me grin. Emma caught my look and grinned as well. “Imagining all the trouble he’d cause is amusing as we know it’ll be a lot worse than we imagine it,” Emma explained when she caught the confused and conflicted faces of the Cullen’s.

“Esme is an interior designer, and Carlisle is a Doctor at the hospital.” Alice chimed her grin widening.
“You call your parents by their first names?” Emma asked, her question caused the Cullen’s to laugh.
“Sorry dear, I forgot you wouldn’t know. Alice, Emmett and their brother Edward are all adopted as are my niece and nephew twins Rosalie and Jasper.” Esme said explaining at Emma and my blank expressions.
“It’s okay. It was kind of you and your husband to take in so many.” I said.
“Esme and Carlisle are the best,” Alice said with a quick look at Esme.

“Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett are juniors while Alice and Edward are sophomores,” Esme said.
“Emma and I think we’ll be sophomores. We’re not sure.” I said Emmett leant forward.
“Why don’t you know?” Emmett asked.
“Well, when we were ten our family needed to travel.” Emma started.
“So while we travelled with them we’ve had private tutors. We ended up touring the world, through Europe and Asia with a brief stop in Africa before we saw the southern hemisphere. Although we didn’t see Antarctica or the Arctic.” I continued, Emma snorted at the end.
“Bella isn’t a fan of the snow and below freezing temperatures,” Emma stated grinning.

A little while later the Cullen’s left and Emma and I relocated to her room with our laptops to finish the furniture shopping
“So neither of our ideas will suit the dining room. You prefer a traditional dining set, and I want a remake of a fifties diner.” Emma said as she looked through images of dining room sets. I sighed.
“Yeah, you want to fifties to annoy uncle Kol and I want traditional to annoy uncle, Elijah,” I said, grinning causing Emma to laugh. “Remember Greece?” I asked Emma nodded half turned towards me. “Yeah I remember, what of it?”
“Why not recreate a similar idea for the dining room?” I questioned watching Emma.
“Brilliant!” Emma had cried before she started looking at custom furniture makers nearby, I searched our photos until I found the one we wanted. “Here it is,” I said before emailing Emma a copy, she attached it to the enquiry she was filling out.

Minutes after the enquiry got sent off Uncle Charlie arrived; he called from the front door. We called back and headed down to the dining room. When we entered the room, three take away coffee cups sat steaming in the middle of the table with a bakery paper bag next to them.
“Morning Uncle Charlie.” I greeted as I sat down, Emma smiled.
“I didn’t think you girls would be up yet, especially since your call last night.” Uncle Charlie said after a quick greeting.
“Mama called after midnight; we were busy ordering the things we needed here,” Emma said before taking a sip of her drink. I then told him of our early morning guests and asked him questions about them.

“I know the folks in La Push don’t like the family. Otherwise, I only know what’s spoken around town, or they’ve told me themselves. Why?” Uncle Charlie asked Emma shared a look with me.
“Because Uncle Charlie, they are Cold Ones.  You can blame Uncle Kol for their existence. He angered a witch, and she attempted to recreate the spell, and potion Ester did, only she didn’t have it right or the power to do the spell and ended up creating a different species. Very different from our family including you, their ruling coven resides in Italy as is petrified of our family. We’ve met them.” Emma said in a bored tone; I explained the differences.


The doorbell rang again, grumbling Emma answered. She re-entered the room a moment later with two small gift boxes. “Mama’s presents have arrived,” Emma said handing me the blue box with silver ribbon. Opening the box I gasped, resting on black velvet held a large silver pendant, a Lapis Lazuli in the middle with the Mikaelson crest in silver overlaying the stone and holding it in place. I put the necklace on and read the attached note.
To my babies,
They didn’t arrive in time for your birthday, but now you have our family crest. You have always been a Mikaelson, these just made it official in our world. Wear them always as they will protect you if you run into other supernaturals. These claim you as both a Mikaelson and under the rest of the Family’s protection. I love you both and hope to be reunited with you both soon. Lots of Love, Mama.”  I said wiping away tears; Emma gave my hand a tight squeeze.   We rang Mama and thanked her, not long after Uncle Charlie left for work and we headed to Port Angeles to buy linen and other items.


We stopped for lunch a few hours later, while we ate we went over our lists. We brainstormed over what we needed to buy, whether it was for school or the house and what else we needed to do for the house. Emma and I got two five sectioned notebooks, a pack of pens and enough erase it each. Emma got a black messenger bag while I got one with a tropical beach image. Grocery shopping was next after we got all the kitchen items and appliances needed. We made a brief stop in an Occult shop and stocked up on everything I had needed before we headed to the art store. Emma and I loaded up on everything, paints, canvases, sketchbooks, charcoals, watercolours, oil pastels, clay and even cross stitch and other sewing materials.

We sung hopelessly off tune at the top of our lungs on the drive home and checking the coast was clear used magic to bring everything inside. Emma put all the linen we’d bought in the wash room while I dealt with groceries, I was glad we hadn’t bought much that needed to be in the fridge since we only had a mini courtesy of Uncle Kol. Emma started washing the crockery we bought as I sorted out the pantry.
“Do you think we should hire some workers? A cook maybe?” Emma asked as she washed.
“A cook and maybe a maid or two. That way someone will always be here.” I said sticking my head out of the pantry. “Sounds good. The deliveries should be coming tomorrow; Mama sent a message that she’d ordered her furniture and should be arriving tomorrow or the day after. Aunty Sage passed on word that she’d stop in and see us. There isn’t a definite date or time, but then it usually depends on how she’s travelling.” Emma said as the sink drained. “You know this will send shock waves through town.” I mused as I started drying the items washed; Emma wiped her hands and joined me. “Eh. So we’ll be the talk of the town longer. Come on let’s go online and see if we can contact agencies and get this started.” Emma said over her shoulder as she put the last plate away.

By the evening we had contacted four agencies nearby and had the available applicants’ resumes in our inbox. Two delivery trucks had arrived and paid the drivers extra we had all the items assembled and moved to the right rooms. Emma called Uncle Charlie to see if he could print out the resumes for us and do background checks as well. I got Emma to pass on an invite to dinner to him, while I moved all the items from the mini fridge to the new double door fridge.  Once Emma was off the phone we spoke briefly about what to do about lunches and such for school.  

Reading the tags on the linen, I put the first load into the newly arrived and set up washer doing Emma’s and mine bedding first before following with towels until all the purchased linen got washed and those that could go into the dryer, dry before folding and putting them away.  I left Emma’s bedding folded neatly on the edge of her mattress before going to my room and making my new bed up. Once my bed was to my standard I headed downstairs sitting at the island counter scrolling through recipes I’d saved on my computer.  Emma came to look over my shoulder.
“What do you think of tapas for dinner?” I asked turning to look at Emma. “Sounds perfect, shall I get started on the virgin sangrias?” Emma questioned while I checked the recipe. I hummed before turning to the new fridge.

At some point Emma got her phone and dock to play music while we reminisced out about travels in previous years sharing the cooking between us. It wasn’t long before Emma got the door for Uncle Charlie. Dinner went well, and we spoke of our pay back to Uncle Kol, “Get a photo of his face for me. I want to see his reaction.” Uncle Charlie guffled, we nodded with twin Cheshire cat grins. Not long after dinner Uncle Charlie went home, Emma and I curled up on the couch going over resumes and adding the right background checks to the right candidates.

The next morning I woke curled up on the couch with Emma curled into my side, papers were spread all over the rest of the sofa part of the floor and even the coffee table. I got up carefully untangling myself from Emma, with a quiet groan I could hear my back and neck click back into place as I stretched. Shuffling into the kitchen, I started the coffee pot before going upstairs for a quick shower. I was back downstairs with my hair wrapped in a towel and heading to the kitchen just as the coffee machine beeped. Emma roused with the smell of the coffee and joined me on the stools at the island counters, hands wrapped around her coffee mug inhaling the steam to wake herself up. After a simple breakfast, we headed back into the living room, straightening and reordering the paperwork. Opening the curtains, I saw a few delivery trucks pulling up. “Call Uncle Charlie, we’re going to need his help,” I said watching as I saw Emma start dialling her phone before I headed to the front door.

Uncle Charlie arrived as I opened the door and he started signing paperwork while Emma and I directed the movers to the right areas. Emma paid extra to have everything set up for us, and by three that afternoon, we waved Uncle Charlie goodbye before we did a walk through. We spent the next few hours making sure we got everything and that we were happy with where everything was.  Our custom dining set would get delivered by mid-week. With an early dinner, Emma and I called mama, and we spent a few hours talking before going to bed. Tomorrow would be our first day of High school.

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