Chapter 5: First Day Jitters….


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Bella’s POV:


Groaning, I rubbed my hip as I untangled myself from my bedding. Before heading for a nice hot shower, hoping it would relax sore muscles and hopefully stop any bruising. By the time I got out of the shower and blow dried my hair, found Emma in the kitchen with two steaming cups of coffee and two plates of a hot full English breakfast. “Traditional tea was substituted for coffee since we need the caffeine,” Emma said as she pointed to our spread. “It looks delicious, Ems,” I said sitting down before a large sip of coffee. We ate before hurrying to finish getting ready. “Don’t forget the resumes on the coffee table.” Emma called out, “I got them.” I called back as I headed to the front door. I was sliding on my thick sheepskin waterproof jacket when I looked up to see Emma sliding down the bannister. We took a few pictures and sent them off to our family before getting in the car. I left Emma to lock the front door and jumped into the driver’s seat, programming the GPS. Just as the route showed up, Emma was getting in the car.


The high school was like the majority of the town just off the highway. The only indicator it was, in fact, a high school rather than a random collection of buildings was the welcome sign that stated it was also the home of the Spartans. I found a park near the front office. Emma and I entered, sharing a look of the amount of greenery in the room that rivalled the outside. The counter had coloured papers announcing one thing or another; a middle aged red-haired woman sat behind typing away on an old desktop computer. Emma stepped forward and pressed the silver bell, causing the poor woman to jump.

“Sorry, I’ll be right with you dears.” She said before finishing off whatever she was writing. “Now how can I help?” The name badge said ‘Mrs J. Cope. “Good morning Mrs Cope, is it? I’m Emma Mikaelson, and this is my twin, Isabella. We’re here for our class schedules.” Emma said head held high, and most likely a polite smile as well.
“Of course, Chief Swan handled all the paperwork already. You’ll both need to have these signed by each teacher and handed back in at the end of the day.” Mrs Cope said handing Emma two small slips before turning back and digging through a precariously leaning stack of papers and pulling two out. “Normally Forks requires students to do four years of P.E., but Chief Swan mentioned an accident that hinders Isabella’s balance, and we were able to get you exempt from it, you’ll have study period instead. Emma, you’ll still have to do P.E. though.” Mrs Cope said looking at me when she spoke before turning to Emma at the end before she handed over the pages.

I sighed in relief of skipping humiliating myself and injuring others. Having thanked Mrs Cope, we left the office before comparing our classes. “We share until P.E when you have study instead,” Emma commented as she pointed out the times across the schedules. We headed to our lockers checking the combinations worked; I put my spare notebook and backup pencil case in before shrugging out of my jacket and hanging it up on the hook provided. I could hear gasps of other students behind me, Emma hung her jacket up as well before we shut the doors. Our first class with a Mr Mason was English. We checked the map we found attached to the schedules before we waited by the teacher’s desk to have the slips signed. I took a few notes but spent most of the lesson doodling along the margins; it wasn’t anything we didn’t already know.

On our way to our second class, we got accosted by a dark hair Asian kid with bad skin; he introduced himself as Eric, the head of the student paper. “As impressive as it sounds being the feature of the paper, we are going to have to refuse,” Emma said a polite smile taking the sting out of her words.
“My twin and I are still settling in here and would rather be left alone. We aren’t used to regular classes with other students.” I added with my polite smile.
“Of course, we can always do something else. I hope you enjoy your time here at Forks.” Eric had said before he scurried off. Entering Algebra II Emma and I made quick introductions to Mr Varner. He forced us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class. “I’m Emma Mikaelson, and that’s my twin, Bella. We’ve spent the last six years travelling the world with our family.” Emma said before taking a seat in the far corner. “I’m Bella as my twin said, while we travelled we had tutors and haven’t been in regular class settings since we were ten,” I said before heading to the seat next to Emma, I tripped once along the way but didn’t fall. Next was history with Mrs James was past mind-numbing, and Emma and I amused ourselves by correcting her, only we didn’t do it in front of the class but rather by writing the correct facts out and leaving our pages on her desk.

When the bell for lunch rang, Emma hurried to grab us a table while I got the food. I kept my face blank as I passed most of the hot items and finally got pre-packaged wraps, a bottle of soda, a bottle of juice, one pack of crisps and a fruit salad cup. I paid and bit my lip to keep from smiling at seeing the jaw drop of the cafeteria lady. Closer to where I noticed Emma sitting I caught a group standing nearby, I heard arguing and sighed.


“…..This is our table. We’ve sat here since last year. So move somewhere else.” A blonde girl said I made my way to Emma’s side. “Listen here ice queen; I don’t see your name on the table which means it’s community property. Your family doesn’t own it so go claim another table.” Emma said her hands were clenched, putting the tray on the table I placed my new free hand on her shoulder.
“We have an audience, Come on Emma let’s find another table. We have a lot to go over if we wish to hire some workers soon.” I said, Emma huffed.
“Fine, let’s find one as far from here as possible,” Emma said as she picked her things up, while I grabbed the food tray again. I saw Emma balance her to-go coffee mug precariously in her arms, as she passed the blonde, the blonde bumped Emma causing the balancing cup to fall. The content falling over the blonde’s clothes, her enraged yelp caused the whole cafeteria to go quiet. “You did that on purpose.” She accused Emma with a glare on her face. “You’ll pay for that.” She threatened.

“You bumped me. I have to say coffee stains positively improve your outfit.” Emma said with a raised eyebrow; she copied from our mother. She bent and picked up her now empty mug with a sigh before we moved away. On the opposite side of the cafeteria, we found another table, the long table had a group sitting at one end, and with polite smiles, we sat at the other leaving several chairs between the group and us. We went through the resumes while eating one handed, hoping to save time.
“What about her, she just graduated culinary school in Paris. She cares for ageing parents. I’m sure we could convince Uncle Kol to build a caretaker’s cottage behind our place for her parents.” Emma said handing me a resume.

“We could, or we could build it first and tell Uncle Kol later. But will she incessantly be worried about her parents?” I questioned before flipping through the pages.
“Excuse me, are you talking about hiring a professional cook?” a girl with bushy brown hair asked leaning across an empty chair, her eyebrows almost at her hairline.
“Not that it’s any of your business, but yes we are talking about a professional chef,” Emma replied narrowing her eyes at the girl.
“Wouldn’t your parents do that, if they’re like loaded?” a silvery blonde asked her tone condescending.
“Our family is testing us. Our Uncles gave us full control over the house. Which is why we had to order all the furniture and other knick knacks.” I said, shaking my head. “I’m Bella Mikaelson, and that’s my twin, Emma.” I tacked on.

“I’m Jessica, that’s Mike, Lauren, Ben, Angela and Tyler. Eric is still in line.” The brown haired girl said pointing out everyone as she went. “Pleasure.” Emma sassed, I nudged her and levelled a silent glare at her causing her to shrug.  “So we saw you had a confrontation with Rosalie Hale and the rest Cullen family. What was that all about?” The silvery blonde called Lauren asked in a demanding tone as she pushed some of her hair over her shoulder. “Huh,” I said surprised.
“I sat at their table and Barbie didn’t want to share. She bumped me as Bella, and I was leaving, and she ended up wearing the last of my coffee.” Emma said the corner of her mouth twitching as she shrugged. “I’m surprised she’s like that.”
“What do you mean? The Cullen’s’ stick to themselves.” Angela said as she pushed up her glasses. Emma and I shared a long look before turning back to the group.

“On our first morning here Mrs Cullen along with Emmett and Alice Cullen came to welcome us to town, they offered to help with lifting our furniture if we needed it,” I said looking over at the Cullen table. “Seeing how pleasant and kind Mrs Cullen is, I’d have thought the rest of them are the same, adopted or not,” Emma said bluntly catching our peers by surprise, dropped jaws snapped shut as they blinked a few times in shock. “Wow,” Jessica said.

“What did you mean by adopted or not?” Ben asked Emma tilted her head to the side in a move that was usual to our mother when sizing up someone.
“Emma and I are both adopted. Our family has shown us how to behave and how to act. Neither of us would embarrass our family with our actions as Ms Hale did with hers.” I said looking at the group and sounding very much like our formal and manner conscious Uncle Elijah.
“If you’re adopted then are you truly twins?” Mike asked.
“We aren’t biologically related, but strangely enough we share the same birthdate and were adopted on the same date and time. Family friends initially nicknamed us ‘the twins’, and it stuck so we ran with it. We are close probably as close as real twins.” Emma said without pause.

“That is abnormal,” Tyler said, we shrugged before sharing a look.
“In our family, we are the well-adjusted ones.” We said together with a shared grin.
“Yeah, you both act like twins.” Angela said smiling, “I have twin younger brothers. They constantly do things in tandem.” Angela explained.
“So your family honestly put you in charge of a house alone?” Jessica asked changing the topic.
“Basically. Chief Swan is a close family friend and promised to keep an eye on us; his house was too small to fit us. So our Uncle fixed and added onto the house next door to the Chief.” Emma said, shaking her head. “We arrived in the evening, thinking that at least the house would be ready. Instead, we open the door to an empty place; there was a table set in the dining room with a letter from our Uncle Kol. It stated we had to furnish the house is true Mikaelson fashion.” I added.

“Yeah at the end of the letter stated ‘everything’ we’d need was in a drawer second from the top in the kitchen.” Emma finished, she pulled out her wallet and took out the four cards. Lauren and Jessica gasped while the others looked wide eyed. Shrugging again and pushing it off as a Mikaelson thing.
“So only Emma got cards?” Lauren asked.
“No I got four as well, we also split the cash that was there as well,” I replied.
“The money came in handy when paying the delivery guys to go above and beyond,” Emma said grinning. “You bribed people?” Mike questioned.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that. Money talks and the more you have, the easier it is to get what you want exactly. We simply offered to pay them a couple of thousand; they were all too happy to help us.” Emma said blandly. “Our family has spent more than that on clothes alone. I’m sure Uncle Elijah has at least fifteen thousand dollars worth of suits in his wardrobe alone. Our mother’s jewellery is priceless, some pieces supposedly worn by royalty back in the medieval period.” I said. “Nothing seems outrageous after the things our family does,” Emma added.
“It’s like you live in a different world,” Angela said her cheeks pinkened. Emma and I shared a grin. “It feels like it sometimes.” We said together, thinking they had no clue how true they were.

With a lull in the conversation, Emma and I narrowed down our list to three applicants. “Housekeeper, maids or butler?” Emma asked.
“Dude! A butler, seriously how cool would that be.” Mike exclaimed I shook my head. “Arg! Butlers get so snooty and arrogant; they think themselves better than others at times. Housekeepers get a feeling of entitlement and can become overbearing. I believe that we’d better stick to maids.” I said watching as the others looked wide eyed at me again, causing Emma to laugh. “Oh, I completely forgot about Dmitri.” Emma chuckled, I grind my teeth “I thought we’d left Dmitri and the whole sorry story back in Russia where it should stay.” I ground out, causing Emma to lean on the table as she laughed her face going red and tears falling. “Laugh it up. One day it’ll happen to you, and then it’ll be me laughing.” I hissed sobering Emma up.

“Could one of you explain what’s going on?” Lauren demanded. “In Russia, we had a butler with a son around our age, and he fancied himself in love with me. He demanded his father talk to my family and for us to get engaged immediately.” I said shuddering, reliving the memories the story brought up. “Since women, there doesn’t have the same rights as men; the butler spoke with our uncles bypassing our mother altogether. Bella had said no, she wasn’t interested but Dmitri, the son, was determined to ‘win’ her. He followed her everywhere and would just hang around. Bella went to his father asking him to get Dmitri to back off.” Emma continued.

“Sergei, the butler, was so sure our uncles would agree to the match that he told me bluntly that as my future husband Dmitri had every right to be in my company and that soon I’d better listen to Dmitri as his wife I had to obey,” I added with distaste.
“Bella went to our uncles and told them everything; our mother put the fear of God into our uncles, Sergei and Dmitri. Our Mother threatened to castrate the lot of them. Sergei found himself unemployed without a reference, and Dmitri now has a healthy respect and fear for women. Our uncles are still making it up to Bella and our mother.” Emma said finished, shaking her head a twisted smile on her face.

“It will be eighty years at least before our mother will forgive either or our uncles for their parts,” I said thinking out loud.
“That sounds horrible. I can understand why you wouldn’t like butlers.” Angela said with a grimace.
“Your mom sounds like one scary person,” Mike commented. I had to keep from laughing at how right Mike was.
“Not usually, she is just fiercely protective of the rest of our family and us,” I said the clock on my phone showed we only had a minute of lunch left. Emma catching the time packed away the resumes and placing all the rubbish from both of us back on the tray. I got up and throw the trash away before stacking the trays where they belonged. Emma made her way towards me before we started to leave the cafeteria.

“Emma! Bella!” We stopped turning near the door to see Alice Cullen hurrying over to us. “Please wait. I just wanted to apologise for my sister’s behaviour. She isn’t having a good day today.” Alice explained. “Listen, Alice, your mother was lovely, and you and Emmett were kind enough to offer assistance to us, but I think it’s better that our families stay away from each other. My uncle will be glad to know his friend the Major is still alive and well, but I don’t know how they’ll react with how Ms Hale treated us.” I said the end of my statement causing Emma to snort.
“You know very well how our family will react. Mama will be after Ms Hale’s head.” Emma said, I nudged her, but she shook it off. “It’s true. Uncle Kol would want to try and scalp her, and I know for sure Uncle Elijah would want his piece of flesh.” Emma added bluntly; I glared at her.
“As I said it’s for the best that our families stay away from each other.” I reiterated with a sad smile before turning my back to Alice and heading to my next class with Emma trailing.

Afternoon classes flew by, and suddenly it was time for Emma and me to part as she had P.E and I had study in the library. I was looking over the resumes again when the seat next to me got occupied.
“How do you know my brother’s title?”
I looked up from the papers in front of me; I blinked a few times before shuffling the papers. “I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I stated. I heard an exasperated sighed; I started writing out a list of questions as well as a pros and cons lists for the three applicants. I moved my hair back before turning my necklace untwisting the chain, making the crest visible.
“I have said to your sister it’s better to keep the families away from each other. The Major is the only one who’d be safe in your family, and he was made to forget why. I don’t have any more information than that.” I said before gathering my things and leaving just as the bell rang. I stuffed everything into my bag from my locker and throwing on my jacket before slamming the door and leaning against it, ignoring the cold one trying to continue to talk to me. Emma hurried over.

“Worst class ever. I must have been channelling you. I kept tripping over nothing.” Emma exclaimed as she shrugged on her jacket before throwing her things in her bag. “Whoa, where’s the fire?” I asked grabbing her wrist, Emma sighed. “Sorry, I just want to get home and to my jetted bathtub,” Emma said dreamily, causing me to laugh. “That bad, huh. Yeah, let’s get you to your tub and me to the hot apple cider.” I laughingly replied before we headed to the front office to hand in our slips before to the carpark and our car.  I drove home, teasing Emma part of the way.

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