Chapter 6: Interviews….


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Bella’s POV

At home, Emma hurried upstairs to her room while I headed to the kitchen where I made hot apple cider for us both. I left Emma’s cup outside her bathroom door after giving a single knock, before I headed to my room where with music in the background I followed Emma’s example and soaked in my tub.


Bonelessly I came down the stairs with an empty mug.  I called the local Chinese place surprised there was one even in Forks, opting not to cook. “We need to hire a chef and soon,” Emma commented adding her mug to mine in the sink, I sighed but nodded. “Yeah, it’s a good idea. The school is severely lacking when it comes to decent food.” I included as we went to sit in the dining room, Emma read through the notes I made before adding her own. I got up to pay for dinner while Emma flipped through the resumes, background checks and notes. I handed her a pair of chopsticks before the box containing her meal. Halfway through dinner over the papers, we decided we needed another opinion. Emma called Uncle Elijah while I called mom, on speaker we greeted them.

“So Emma and I have the candidates for the chef’s position, we’re still going through the maids, we have pros and cons list for each of them. Emma’s emailed them to Uncle Elijah now. We would like your input.” I said getting right into it.
“Hmm….. I can see the dilemma. You two have done an excellent job narrowing it down to these three already.” Uncle Elijah said.
“Why don’t you have all three cook some samples and whoever you prefer you hire. On paper, they seem marvellous and any of them would work, for the maids, it’s best to hire three or four depending on the size of the place. Two for upstairs and two or three for downstairs, that way the always has someone to help.” Mama said.

“When interviewing watch out for clashing personality traits or off-putting habits. You need team players and those who’d keep everything flowing smoothly not one who’d cause friction and drama.” Uncle Elijah advised. We chatted for a few minutes longer about our day and catching up with what’s been going on with them before we hung up. With the maid’s list narrowed down to eight; we cleaned up leftovers of our dinner before doing the light homework load. We chilled out for a little playing a video game for a bit before we headed to bed, knowing that school was going to be repetitive. School the rest of the week passed in a typical fashion. Taking notes in class, having lunch away from the Cullen’s but with Jessica and her friends before more notes, separating when Emma had P.E when I spent the period ignoring Cullen and waiting for the last bell, the drive home filled with debates over whom to hire. Once back we scheduled interviews, looked over questions to ask, had dinner before calling our family. Doing homework and then going to bed.

On Friday we were asked to join our lunch crowd at the movies, we had to decline because of the interviews scheduled. Angela, Ben and Jessica seemed genuinely saddened that we couldn’t come. Lauren hadn’t warmed up to either Emma or I and continued to make snarky comments about us within our hearing range. Having to talk Emma down several times became a habit and slipping into old Norse, our family’s mother tongue became the fastest way to calm her down. Neither Emma or I realised I had been doing it until one day Angela commented on it.

“I wondered what language you’ve been speaking to Emma for her to relax after Lauren’s childish behaviour,” Angela asked one day when she had walked with me while Emma walked ahead. I had stopped confused for a moment thinking back.  “Oh, it’s a regional dialect from where our family immigrated. Their parents taught them when they were born, and they taught us. It was the first or second language we learned. I’m not sure which because they taught them to us around the same time.” I said as I started walking again. “Oh, that sounds confusing. So what happened to your grandparents, are they still alive?” Angela asked Emma had stopped to wait for us to catch up.
“Our grandmother is dead, and our family disinherited their father. It’s a falling out that happened way before we were born or even adopted. No one in our family speaks of either of them. What we do know is that our grandfather would use or hurt us to get to and hurt our family and it’s our grandmother that is the cause of the falling out.” Emma said looking at me.
“That’s so sad. I’m sorry for asking.” Angela said awkwardly, Emma and I shrugged. “You didn’t know. It doesn’t bother us, nor our family.” Emma replied with a wry grin; I shook my head.

On Saturday we woke early and got Uncle Charlie to come over, by eight we’d had breakfast, called our family and handed Uncle Charlie the list of questions. We knew we wouldn’t be treated seriously with just us, so we got Uncle Charlie an adult figure to present the questions with Emma, and I to sit. Our first interview was at ten; the chef was five minutes early, the interview started well until uncle Charlie asked if he could take instructions from Emma and I. At his hesitation Emma and I shared a look missed by the chef but not Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie asked a few more questions before answered most of the chef’s. We explained our situation and asked if he had a problem with it, our question was met with a long pause before he answered. It wasn’t long before the interview ended and when the sound of his leaving car could no longer hear, we crossed his name off the list.

The next interview was scheduled for half past noon, by five to one the candidate arrived. Uncle Charlie noted the time while Emma and I made a small note on the pad we were using. After lengthy apologies from the candidate, the interview went well. We showed her the kitchen and got her to make a few sample dishes, she left, and we spoke a bit more about her and ate a few more of the dishes she cooked. “The food is average enough, her attitude is decent but her time management is horrible,” Emma said as she crossed the name off the list. “She didn’t seem to take the interview seriously.” Uncle Charlie said as he headed towards the living room again. “She appeared to be a bit haughty to me,” I said as I followed Uncle Charlie.

Our last interview was the one with ageing parents; she arrived right on time with a bag of ingredients. The interview went great, and her cooking was fantastic. We asked about her parents and found it was just mild medical issues due to old age. She left after that and Uncle Charlie discussed his thoughts and feelings with us before he too headed home. Our decision made, Emma and I called the agency and hired our choice. We offered the ‘refurbished caretaker’s cottage’ and any medical requirements provided, we added that all moving costs covered by us and we needed the chef to start in a week. It gave time for the applicant to accept and pack or decline and us to find someone else.

Emma called a contractor to refurbish a caretaker’s cottage, after the call we used our magic and our spell to create a shell of a cottage not far from our place but still on our property. The contractor came an hour later, and we spent the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening explaining what we wanted. When the contractor left, we had dinner. Going over little details and ideas for the cottage and our payback to uncle Kol broke the quiet of our meal.


“We should invite Angela to come over tomorrow and hang out. Uncle Charlie is going fishing tomorrow, and we missed the movies today.” I said looking at Emma; she turned to look back at me. “You like this human, don’t you?” I gave a slight nod, “Yeah, but I don’t think she’s human. I think she will be a witch when she comes into her powers.”
“You sound like Grams Sheila or uncle Kol.” Emma laughed as I pulled a face. “Come on, haven’t you felt the power that sometimes floods from her? You haven’t questioned why we both told her more about our family and us than we have told any of the others?” I ask I saw her frowning a little. “I just thought I was following your lead. I haven’t noticed anything, but then I’ve tried as hard as I can to blend in and might have blocked feeling anything magical.” Emma explained, we thought about our time with Angela, catching Emma’s nod. “Let’s invite her. We can use one of the spelled stones to see if they react to Angela and if they do we explain everything.” Emma thought out loud. I agreed. “We better tell mama and the rest of our family. They’ll need to know, so they don’t get blindsided.” I said dialling the memorised number for our mama. “We can tease Uncle Kol about it if you’re right about Angela being a witch. He’ll be green with envy.” Emma chuckled, and I joined her.

“Hi babies, how did everything go?” Mama answered.
“Hi, Mama. The interviews went well, and we offered the job to a chef called Jasmine. We’ll send you the resume; we gave her a week before she needs to start.” Emma said opening her laptop and sending the email.  “Okay, is everything else alright?” Mama asked. “Yeah, mama. We wanted to ask permission to tell a classmate the truth about our family. We believe she might be a witch that hasn’t got her powers yet.” I said biting my lip as I anxiously awaited an answer.
“We wanted to get permission before we did anything and also to let you know what’s going on here,” Emma added, shutting her laptop.
“I think it would be a good idea. You’ll have someone around your age that you can talk to without secrets and help this girl with her magic.” Mama had said before we chatted for a few minutes longer. Emma contacted Angela while I went and spelled the stone we needed.

The rest of the night Emma and I practised our magic and added more protections to the house. The next morning our leisurely breakfast was interrupted by a phone call from the agency, Jasmine had accepted the permission and would contact us later today to discuss the details. After hanging up, I called mama to let her know before we finished eating and cleaned up.  Emma was in the kitchen creating a picnic spread. Angela came at eleven thirty, the first hour we spent getting to know each other and finding common interests. Emma’s picnic lunch went over great as we sat in the conservatory on the grass. At Angela’s amazed expression, I explained.

Conservatory in Forks.

“Our Uncle Elijah is interested in gardening. He loves having a quiet place to think or walk amongst the flowers. He finds it relaxing.” Emma laid back watching the rain fall on the glass roof before sliding down.
“This place is beautiful and huge, go you get lonely?” Angela asked, resting on her elbows.  “Not really. When this place starts to feel too big, we call our family or stay in the same room together.” Emma said, causing me to laugh. “Yeah the minute we call them, and they try to argue over something while on speaker makes us feel better and glad they aren’t next to us, if or when they start roughhousing,” I added, shaking my head as I curled my legs under me.
“Some of their fights make a Jerry Springer show look tame,” Emma said.
“Wow.” Angela breathed, her wide eyes showed shock and a little disbelief.

As we headed to the living room, I made a stop in the kitchen to put away the things from our lunch, when I entered the living room, Angela held a glowing stone while Emma sat waiting for me. “You’re right, Angela is an untrained witch,” Emma whispered to me after I sat next to her. The rest of the afternoon we spent explaining the truth about us and our family and what being a witch meant. We showed her ways to channel and have primary control over her magic. Before she left, we swore her to secrecy over our family’s secrets, what we truly are. We promised to help her as much as we could with her magic and watched her drive away. The call to our family before we went to bed was filled explanations and teasing Uncle Kol while he complained about not being here and missing all the fun.

Uncle Charlie came over early in the morning and led the workmen to the cottage; he was staying here while we were at school to keep an eye on the workers. He had also put snow chains on our car as well, warning us to be safe as there was a lot of black ice all over town. We hurried through our morning routines so we’d have more time to drive safely to school.

Arriving safely at school Emma and I leant against the side of our car talking when we heard a high-pitched metallic sound, our heads shot up and turned towards the noise. A van was sliding across the parking lot wheels locked heading right towards us. We dived to the side, Emma pulled me further away just as the van t-boned our car. Grumbling we wiped down our clothes as we heard the yellings of our classmates, somehow we were stuck wedged between three vehicles. Our car and the offending van being two.
“You call Uncle Charlie while I call Uncle Elijah,” Emma said getting her phone out; I looked at mine and sighed when I noticed the shattered screen was black.
Bella's Phone
“No can do. I no longer have a working phone.” I said showing Emma and heard her grumbling some unintelligible words.  
She pressed a few extra buttons before putting it on speaker.

“Hi, Uncle Charlie and Uncle Elijah.”
“Shouldn’t you two be at school and in class?” Uncle Elijah asked.
“They should already be at school; I saw them leave.” Uncle Charlie said uncle Elijah.
“Yeah well, while we are okay we don’t have a car anymore and Bella’s in need of a new phone,” Emma said.
“WHAT?!” the yelled reply echoed by not only Uncle Charlie and Uncle Elijah but whoever was listening in on Uncle Elijah’s end.
“Emma and I were talking before school started, leaning against our car before we heard a metallic high pitched sound and when we turned we saw it was a van coming towards us. We dived to the side and are okay but our car got t-boned, and my phone smashed.” I said explaining the events to all who were listening to our conversation.
“I’ll be right there. EMT’s will probably arrive before me if they got called.” Uncle Charlie had said before he hung up.


“Uncle Elijah can you please let mama and the others that we are okay.” Emma pleaded, we heard his resigned sigh. “You and Bella are both 100% okay, not a single scratch?” he questioned.
“We have a few grazes from diving out of the way; can you make sure no one goes on a killing spree?” I pleaded. “I’ll try to keep the casualties down, but I have a feeling we’ll be heading to the plane in moments, once everyone is home, so we all head to the airport together.”
“Can you not tell them straight away, delay them?” Emma asked I stared at her incredulously.
“Emma.” I hissed.
“I will not. I’m not going to do anything that might cause any of my siblings to feel the need to dagger me again.” Uncle Elijah said his tone incredulous.
“Wasn’t Aunt Sage suppose to be stopping by soon?” Emma questioned.
“We could call her and have her stay with us to reassure everyone that we are truly okay, then once you’ve finished with whatever problem is then you can all come. Emma and I don’t want to cause any additional problems.” I added once I realised where Emma was going with her stopping our family from arriving right away.

“You are my nieces, nothing of you are problems and nothing you do cause any problems. We’re family; remember ‘Always and Forever’. Now I need to talk to your mother and Uncles, explain your idea and then we’ll make an informed decision together. Nothing is more important than protecting you both and the rest of our family.” Uncle Elijah declared before hanging up. In the distance, we could hear sirens and sigh at least we would be out of here.
“You think we should call Aunt Sage?” I asked as we watched a few teachers try to move the and free us. “We’ll ask Uncle Charlie when he arrives,” Emma said without turning to look at me.

“You think our next car will be a tank?” I jokingly asked, laughing when Emma turned to me. “With our family? I’ll be surprised if they didn’t, one thing we know is if it is a tank you can bet it’ll be the most expensive, top of the line with all the bells and whistles and luxurious to boot.” Emma joked right back causing us to laugh again. Soon the van was pulled far enough away that we could get out, we tried but got detained by the nurse. EMT’s pulled into the lot with Uncle Charlie’s cruiser at the front. Uncle Charlie got out and headed right over to us, two paramedics following behind him. “We didn’t get touched. We dived to the side, landing on our hands and knees.” Emma said as we got poked and prodded. Uncle Charlie looked us over and followed as we got taken to one of the ambulances. Uncle Charlie said a few words to the driver before we headed to Forks Community Hospital.

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