Chapter 7: Protection Detail…


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Bella’s POV:

Emma and I sat side by side on the same bed, ignoring the glares we got from the nurses. We once again asked questions about everything that happened, taken separately to x-rays. We complained about being separated until the nurses let us be next to each other again on the same bed.

“The hospital visit with Uncle Kol was more entertaining than this,” Emma commented. I snorted “of course it was, anything with Uncle Kol will always be.” I said grinning as I remembered the entire drama uncle Kol caused as he compelled access to the blood bank. Compelling the staff to ballroom dance in the waiting room and having the staff put on a Shakespeare play but mixing the plays together will always be a fun memory.  The doors opened, and Tyler brought in, bandages soaked with blood. Emma gripped my shoulder and caused me to turn away but not before black spot started to dance at the edge of my vision. Slapping my cheek shocked me enough to inhale through my mouth. Unfortunately, the doctor walked in just as Emma slapped me.

Dr Cullen“You look very pale, are you okay?” the doctor said, when I turned to him I gripped Emma’s hand tightly at the colour of his eyes. While Golden topaz it still wasn’t comforting that they didn’t darken in the least. I ignored the tingling pain that ran up my right arm.
“Bella is okay; she doesn’t do well with blood. Someone should have pulled the partition curtains across before bringing him in.” Emma answered in a huff.
“My humble apologies for the negligence on the nurse’s behalf.” The vampire doctor said. “My name is Dr Cullen. I’ve looked over your files.” He introduced himself before I cut him off.

“We are fine. We just wish to get out of here. Preferably before I pass out from the blood coming from our classmate.” I said as Dr Cullen pulled the curtains cutting our view of Tyler.
“I’m afraid, Ms Mikaelson that you can’t leave yet. I looked over your x-rays, and you have stress fractures in your wrist and forearm on your right side, you’ll need a cast while Emma needs a couple of stitches for a deep cut on her knee from her fall and her elbow is dislocated on her left.” Dr Cullen said seriously.


The doors of the ER opened again this time it was Uncle Charlie.
“Uncle Charlie, we’d like to go home,” I said with Emma nodding, Dr Cullen’s mouth fell open.
“I must protest, without medical attention you both could sustain permanent damage.” Dr Cullen declared, Uncle Charlie looked from us to the doctor. Sighing Uncle Charlie compelled the doctor to destroy our x-rays and all notes in the files that we only sustained a few slight grazes and bruises and were okay to discharged.



Emma and I used a glamour spell to create the illusion of us okay, exiting into the waiting room we saw most of the school was there. As we turned to leave the hospital the door opened, and a familiar red-head entered, she hurried over to us and pulled us each into a tight hug without touching our injuries.
“Don’t ever scare the family like this again. I’ve never seen your mama or uncles break like that.” Aunt Sage said as she pulled back still keeping us in her arms as she looked us over, she clucked her tongue. “Oh, Elijah is going to lose it when he finds out how bad you two are.” She added we could hear the whispers around us. “Hi, Aunt Sage. You know we’ll be alright by morning. There is no need to upset our family any more than they already are from hearing about it.” Emma said with a pointed look at Aunt Sage’s wrist, Aunt Sage pursed her lips before giving a shake of her head. “We’ll discuss this when you’re home resting in bed.” Aunt Sage said her tone was leaving no room for argument. We nodded our heads before the four of us left the waiting room and headed home.


When we arrived, Uncle Charlie went back to oversee the workers while Emma and I invited Aunt Sage in before we were picked up and placed sitting on the edge of my bathtub. Sage bit into both her wrists before offering them to Emma and I. We drank until the bites closed, she pushed Emma’s elbow back into place before leaving us to get cleaned up. Emma went to her bathroom; we burnt our ripped and bloody clothing before curling up on the living room couch in our pyjamas. Tucked in with pillows and blankets by Aunt Sage, with us settled she headed to the kitchen and came back moments later with hot cider, nursing a cup each Aunt Sage came to sit across from us.


One video call later to our enraged family, ending with lots of promises from us, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sage and even more tears on both sides and with us getting our family to give us their word that they wouldn’t come until they sorted the problem out. The drama of the day and the hot cider knocked Emma and me out. I woke in my bed to a hot breakfast waiting on a tray on my bedside; Aunt Sage popped her head in just long enough to say she’d called the school giving Emma and I the day off.


After breakfast and pleading from both Emma and I, we were allowed to rest in the living room, rather than in our beds. Aunt Sage joined us on the couch and made sure we were tucked in and comfortable.

“After you, both fell asleep you received a few visitors, a Witchling by the name of Angela, some human classmates and a coven of Cold Ones.” Aunt Sage said with an eyebrow raised, causing both Emma and me to duck our heads. “They have no idea we know what they are, nor who our family is and certainly not that we aren’t human,” I said hoping Emma wouldn’t say anything of the run-ins we’d had with the family. “Uncle Charlie compelled Dr Cullen yesterday after we refused treatment. Mrs Cullen and two of the ‘children’ came here the first day to welcome us to town; they offered to help us move the furniture when it came, we paid the drivers instead.” Emma said, seems to have caught on about not speaking of the minor clashes we’d had on our first day or the ones I dealt with during the first week in my study class.

“Okay, I believe you, the fact that you haven’t told the others tells me something else happened, but I’ll leave it for your mother to deal with when she comes.” Aunt Sage said we nod ending with a sigh. The rest of the day we caught up with our aunt and watched movies as well. Angela stopped by to give us notes on what we missed, and we got her to stay and practice her magic with Aunt Sage keeping an eye on us. Angela stayed for dinner and loved Aunt Sage’s stories as we relaxed.

The next day at school was like our first day all over again, with stares and whispers only we had people we didn’t know come up to us to talk. Our lunch table overcrowded as people tried to cram into any available space to hear us talk about what happened and question us. Lauren and Jessica soaked up as much attention as they could.
“So if you weren’t severely injured, why didn’t you come to school yesterday?” Jessica questioned, wanting to pass on good gossip.
“Our aunt, who’d come to visit us arrived meeting us in the hospital. She was the red-head hugging us.” Emma started.

“I kept them home yesterday, to make sure they were okay and to catch up. Our family is very protective of the girls and having to inform them of where I met them caused a panic. Talking any of the Mikaelson’s down is near impossible on a good day but when you have all six of them up in arms…. Well, let’s just say it took a lot of convincing to keep them from rushing up here, having to keep the girls home for a day and hourly updates was the clincher.” Aunt Sage said coming up behind Emma.

“Wow, your family seems like uber overprotective of you both,” Jessica said.
“No one in our family wants to see anything to harm these girls. They are loved by many and if anything happens to them a lot of people would be out for blood.” Aunt Sage said her double meaning not lost on Angela or us. “I need to borrow my nieces; they’ll be right back.” Aunt Sage said as she gestured for us to follow.

“I spoke to the principal and Emma you’ll join Bella in Study hall instead of P.E. Also Charlie spilt the beans on the accident and who saw you in the hospital. Niklaus said if anything happens to either of you heads will roll. Kol lost it, and a few places have had a sudden decrease in crime and homeless populations. Elijah is ready to wipe out the heads in Italy and said he’d be making a call. Rebekah is passed pissed and told me you both have some explaining to do. She also said if anything happens to you she will be coming for retribution and will drag it out for as long as possible.” Aunt Sage said, causing Emma and me to pale.

“We’ve never met Uncle Niklaus,” I state in a whisper.
“Oh we are so past dead, Mama is going to kill us. Before dancing around our pyres.” Emma muttered when she got over her shock.
“I’m just passing the message I got on. I may have been told to keep an eye on the situation and you both. Sheila said she’ll be coming and will see us tonight; she will want to meet your friend as well. Elijah and Niklaus are sending a few of their most trusted for added protection.” Aunt Sage added as an afterthought, we groaned at the mention of protection.

“How many?” I moaned, I hate having others follow me.
“They said a few like me and a few like Sheila. Some will become teachers while others will just be around town. Charlie contacted his friends on the reservation to let them know of the incoming.” Aunt Sage explained.
“We are supposed to stay under the radar; it would be easier and not as noticeable if we got ‘home schooled’,” Emma said with an emphasis on homeschool.

“You know you’re princesses in our family; they wouldn’t leave you vulnerable again. I’ll talk to them about homeschooling; we might be able to include your friend as well.” Aunt Sage said before hugging us and leaving.  We headed back to our table in shock; everyone started questioning us at once. Emma and I shared a ‘We-are-so-totally-screwed’ look.
“What did your Aunt say?” Jessica asked.
“She was telling us some family friends will be arriving tonight and that our family will be joining us sooner than originally planned,” Emma said.

“Our family might be pulling us from school and getting tutors for us to be homeschooled,” I said shocking the table. Emma gave a pointed look at Angela, and we winked at her, causing her to relax.
“All because of a close call in the parking lot?” Lauren sneered.
“As our Aunt said our family is very protective of us,” I say with a shrug.
“We are heiresses to one of the richest family empires in the world. Titled as ‘Princesses’.” Emma said causing the silent table’s eyes to bug out. “Our family could buy America’s debt and still be financially unaffected,” Emma added her eyes shining with amusement as Lauren and a few others stuttered and spluttered.

“Now you might understand why our family protects us as they do. With the power and money our family has, it means they have just as powerful enemies; we get looked after so no one can use us to try and get back at our family or to seek to ransom us.” I said before standing and heading to my next class. Emma was walking beside me, Angela caught up to us before we entered the classroom.
“I…. Well…. Uh……Are you indeed leaving Forks High?” Angela asked.

“The ‘family friends’ that are coming are like our family and some like you. If pulled, our family will try and get you to join us. You’ll learn a lot more, faster if you did.” I said as I wiggled my fingers for emphasis. I saw Angela’s eyes widen in wonder. Emma snapped her fingers in front of Angela’s face causing her to jump as she came out of her daydream. “Sorry but let’s get to class, and after school, we can talk more at our house.” Emma apologised and continued onto the classroom. Angela nodded, and we all sat together in class. Word spread fast, and as the teacher entered, he asked to speak to Emma and me.

As we exited school at the last bell, Alice Cullen tapped us on the shoulder.
“I know you said to keep away but I wanted to let you know Jasper’s friends are coming to visit, we will tell them to keep their distance. We thought it was safer to let you know.” Alice said before hurrying off, as Aunt Sage came over to us. “What did she want?” Aunt Sage asked.
“She was letting us know that the Major has the Captain and the Lieutenant coming for a visit and that she’ll pass on the keep clear to them,” Emma said without turning to look at the Cullen’s. We made our way to Aunt Sage’s rental car in silence.

Emma video called mama and chatted while we waited for Angela to arrive. After introductions, I got everyone’s attention. “There is a coven of animal drinking cold ones, called the Cullen’s in town. The Major is one of them. Alice Cullen told Emma and I today they’re expecting friends of the Major, the Captain and the Lieutenant are coming. Emma and I have had a few meetings with them, and they think we are just rich, spoilt humans. They are confused as to how Emma and I know Jasper ‘Hale’ is or was the Major. We have warned that it’s best if they keep away from us as our family would only take mercy on Jasper.” I updated them all; Uncle Kol couldn’t wait to see the Major again.

“Why did you keep this from us?” Uncle Elijah asked.
“One of our meetings with the coven didn’t go well, and one of them ended up wearing the rest of my coffee,” Emma said wincing as our family hissed.
“Emma…. What caused it?” mama asked her tone deadly calm as her vampire visage started to appear. “The member bumped Emma. The mug precariously balanced on Emma’s files, so when she was knocked the cup tipped. The member ended up covered in coffee and not Emma,” I nervously said as I watched mama get up and walk away from the screen, smashing echoed through to us causing Emma and me to wince while Aunt Sage tensed.

“That could have seriously hurt you if you got bumped too hard. I’m going to find out whom and they will feel everything a thousand years of torture can perfect. No one harms my babies.” Mama said with her vampire visage clear on her face. I heard Angela’s muffled gasp.


“Bella and I would like to withdraw from Forks high and continue our home studies. We believe Angela would also benefit from our lessons and we’d like for her to join us.” Emma said watching our family. “We agree. It’s up to Angela, Sage and you both to convince her family to allow this. We think we’ll be able to join you in a few months. Sage if you get restless arrange for one of our trusted to take over in your place. I do not want anything to happen to my nieces of their friend who is now under our protection.” Uncle Elijah said Aunt Sage nodded her head. “I don’t see me going off and leaving these three vulnerable.” She replied.

“Good. Poppets, no more secrets. If these had been other Cold Ones, you might have been in grave danger. You both know their kinds rules.” Uncle Kol said as he looked earnestly at us as we nodded our heads. “Turn or die; no human is to know of their existence.” We quoted.

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