Chapter 8 : Family Reunion…

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Bella’s POV:

Hours later we heard a commotion at the front door. Aunt Sage opened it and growled. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m Edward Cullen. I’ve come for my mate Bella.”

“She isn’t your mate Mr Cullen. Now leave, I have been travelling all day and want to rest.” The familiar voice of Sheila Bennett said behind the Cold One at the door. Aunt Sage moved, making Edward move, he tried to catch my eye over Aunt Sage’s shoulder.


“Bella, my love, come with me. I’ll turn you when you are the same physical age as me, and we can be together forever, as we are meant to be.” Edward softly said to me; I could feel as he tried to dazzle me. I crossed my arms over my chest as I narrowed my eyes. “I am not your mate and certainly not your love. Do not try to dazzle me to seek to control me.” I ground out from behind my clenched teeth as I glared at him, shock and surprise showed on his face. Sheila moved and was able to pass Edward without a problem.


“I always knew you were a pretentious, spoilt prick but I never thought you’d stoop so low as to dazzle a girl to follow you.” A voice called from the trees as two travelled worn figures emerged.

“Peter, Charlotte, this has nothing to do with you. This is between my mate Bella and me.” Edward stated as he turned to see the new visitors.

“Ah on contraire my friend, it is our business when you try to hurt a friend of mine and Char’s. You must not know who their family is or you would never have sought to dazzle Bella.” Peter said his red eyes were gleaming.

“Bella has deigned the claim, Edward. If she had accepted it would have been forced and against the laws.” Charlotte said as she placed her hand on her cocked out hip. Edward huffed before disappearing.


“Peter and Charlotte Whitlock, it’s good to see you.” Aunt Sage said with a grin shaking their hands. “Sage, great to see you as well. You nieces certainly know how to shake everyone up.” Peter said.

“Please come in, that way no one can overhear anything,” Emma said, moving aside allowing the two Cold Ones to enter. Our strange group headed to the living room. “Would anyone like anything?” I asked being a good host. Everyone shook their heads before sitting down.

“Angela these are Peter and Charlotte Whitlock, they are two Cold Ones and were changed by Jasper Whitlock or as you know him, Jasper Hale. This is our Grams Sheila, she is a Bennett Witch and taught us most of what we know, and our Uncle Kol taught us the rest.” I introduced Angela to the new arrivals.


“It’s nice to meet you all,” Angela said.

“My knower informed me that you two are important, not only for our world but that you both will change our perception of the world,” Peter said a sly grin on his face.

“I think the last high drug user you ate somehow gotten you high.” Emma snarked, I tried to hide a smile but failed as the corners of my lips twitched.
“You’re a real comedian, aren’t ya.” Grumbled Peter, Aunt Sage laughed while Charlotte shook her head.  “I apologise for him, I think the Major must have hit his head a little harder, and the venom couldn’t repair all the damage.”

“Hey, I resent that.” Peter protested.


“Getting back on topic, Bella I’d watch out for that Cold One. The vibe I got from him wasn’t pleasant.” Grams Sheila said her eyes showing how serious she was, I nodded. “Of course Grams. I think his unusual obsession with me is the least of our problems. Uncle Charlie warned us this morning of some kind of animal attack nearby, told us to be careful in the woods. He doesn’t think it was an animal rather a Vampire; he wasn’t sure if it was a Cold One or a sadistic traditional.” I said, Peter sat up straight “My knower is saying it’s a Cold One, three nomads.” Peter said.

“It’s a good thing your Uncles are sending reinforcements.” Aunt Sage said causing Emma and me to nod.  


“Okay Magic eight ball, how can we get Angela’s family to agree to her being here and getting ‘home schooled’ with us?” Emma asked Peter, his incredulous expression causing most of the room to laugh. “The best way is to tell them the truth. They’ll want her protected, so she’ll live here for a while.” Peter said we saw Angela gulp. “My dad is a church minister. He’ll hit the roof.” Angela said wringing her hands.  “Won’t telling her parents the truth put them in danger?” I questioned. “I can offer to compel them not to mention their knowledge to anyone but us. We can also get them some vervain to make sure they are safe.” Aunt Sage said Emma piped in “Let’s just tell them and then offer all the options after.”


“Would it be safer if Angela’s parents come here? I mean we do have layer upon layer of protection spells over the house and the property.” I asked before explaining my reason. Sheila nodded her head. “Bug is right, with all the protections here, they’ll be safer, and it will just look like her parents are coming for dinner or to pick her up,” Sheila said. “I’ll ring them and say you’ve invited them to dinner,” Angela said before leaving the room with her phone.

That night dinner was both filled with nervous energy from Angela and caution from the rest of us. It was after dessert Grams broached the topic. Angela’s parents took it better than we all thought and Angela’s father spoke at length with Peter, Charlotte and Sage while Grams, Angela, Emma and I talked with Angela’s mother. She shared the same interest with Emma and mine’s story and glad Rebekah our mama found us. “Your mom must have seen amazing things over the years; she must have some truly fascinating stories.” Angela’s mother stated, we smiled. “Aunt Sage has been around just as long. When they both tell stories, they have different perspectives on events.” Emma said.  Somehow Aunt Sage and Grams convinced Angela’s parents to let her sleepover.


The next morning Aunt Sage went to meet with Mrs Webber, Angela’s mother to withdraw the three of us from Forks High. I could smell the freshly brewed coffee as I came downstairs, bumping into Emma halfway down. In the kitchen sitting at one of the island counters was Angela nursing a hot mug, while Grams worked over the stove. “Morning girls. I knew the fresh Coffee would bring you both. We have lots to do today. Sage and Mrs Webber are at the school as I speak, clearing out your lockers and withdrawing you all. After breakfast we’ll work on protection spells, Angela will be getting a crash course in all things magic, and I’ll be checking to see how you two are going with your magic. Sometime before or after lunch, Miss Webber is going to go home and pack what she needs before returning. Potions are next before dinner, and after dinner, you have free time.” Grams said causing Emma and me to groan at the mention of potions. Potions were notoriously hard to do, everything has to be precise, or the effects of the potion will be ineffective or over effective.


Grams caught on to Emma and me when we tried to drag out breakfast as long as we could and glared at us. The day flew by and by lunch Angela had several filled pages in her grimoires, Grams seemed happy with us all, and the four of us used a cloaking spell to travel to Angela’s home and help her pack before returning. Peter and Charlotte were at the Cullen’s visiting; Aunt Sage was overseeing the refurbishment of the cottage. Dinner found Emma and I enjoying cooking without constant watching over what we had on the stove. Everyone was in, Emma and I worked some magic for Peter and Charlotte allowing them to eat without any ill effects. Peter spun us around almost like ragdolls in thanks while we received tight hugs from Charlotte. Dinner was filled with chatter and over faster than I thought. Peter and Charlotte shared some stories with Angela, while Emma, Aunt Sage and I spoke to our family. Grams talked to them as well; Peter wound up Uncle Kol causing everyone to laugh even as Charlotte smacked the back of Peter’s head. Before bed, I spoke quietly to Grams for a moment about reversing or changing spells.


The end of the week brought the protection detail, and lessons were in full swing. Those lessons were broken up with learning more about all types of supernatural and their real histories as well as the ‘legends of myths’ the humans knew. At night I spent my spare time looking at every variation of spells. Uncle Niklaus had sent Emma and I Esther Mikaelson’s grimoires and others he had. Searching through them all finding what I was looking. Emma and mine’s secret project almost completed.


By month’s end brought more problems, Edward Cullen got spotted creeping around outside the house, seeming to look for my room. The nomads were causing more problems, which caused our family to become unsettled and ready to replace the Volturi. Aunt Sage had paid a visit to Dr Cullen to talk about Edward’s behaviour. Angela truly came into her powers and was quite powerful. My side project completed and one afternoon I sat Peter and Charlotte down and explained what I wanted to try to do for them. They were both happy to be guinea pigs. That evening I informed the rest of the household of what I wanted to try. It was all planned out once everyone was on board.


During a new moon, I started the ritual; Grams helped me with the markings I had to etch with salt. We had done a few protection circles and other protections as well. I gather the venom I had needed from Peter and Charlotte before I started casting the spell and adding their venom to the potion they had to drink. I had warned them it could be excruciating and after they had finished drinking the potion, they fell to the ground groaning. By early morning Peter and Charlotte were no longer Cold Ones but traditional vampires. Grams and I spelled daylight jewellery for them adding a few extra protections spell to them as well.  Charlotte’s green eyes and her rose and cream complexion suited her better than the blood red and white marble. Peter’s dark blue eyes and the sun kissed skin suited him better as well. Both regained previously lost memories, and I explained the illusion spell we had placed on them so that friends or other Cold Ones would see them as if they were still Cold Ones themselves. They stayed with us for a few weeks to get used to their new limits and powers. Peter still had his ‘knower’ and was still cryptic as ever.


“You’re going to rock this world to its very core.” Was all Peter said before leaving, Emma and I shared an annoyed look before waving them off. Grams, Angela, Emma and I were talking with a few witches learning more even though it was Saturday. A debate had started with the senior witches over what kind of magic Emma and I could do and how it differed from their own, broken up when a vampire discreetly came back into the room before she cleared her throat. “Ms Mikaelson’s, there are visitors at the door.” Emma and I got up and headed towards the entryway; Aunt Sage joined ahead of us while some of our protection detail entered the entryway both ahead and behind us. Aunt Sage’s hiss caused everyone to tense including Emma and I, hesitantly we made our way to stand behind her. The whole Cullen Coven stood waiting. “What are you doing here?” Aunt Sage growled out; a few Cullen’s shifted uneasily at her tone.


“We wish to speak peacefully.” Dr Cullen said his hands raised in surrender. I noticed a few of the witches including Grams started chanting and hid a smile knowing it was a protection spell.  “What do you wish to speak of?” Aunt Sage asked her arms crossed.

“Edward wishes to spend time with his mate. He has said that every time he has come, he got stopped.” Esme said distress visible both in her tone and her expression. “Who does he believe to be his mate?” Angela asked from behind Emma and me; we crossed our arms. I knew I was glaring at the Cullen’s. “Bella is my mate. I have every right to spend time with her.” Edward demanded.

“Is that so Mr Cullen?” a familiar accented voice called from behind the Cullen’s. “Who are you?” Alice questioned. “You aren’t welcome here; this is between the people stopping me from seeing my mate and me,” Edward said before anyone could say anything else.

“Really? Because I think we bought this place a few months ago.” Said another familiar voice. “Bekah what do you make of it?”

“I think someone had better set this bloody wanker right and let me in to see my babies.” Mama’s voice echoed, Emma and I shared a grin. “Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Niklaus are invited in.” Emma and I called out in unison; before we could blink, we got pulled into a tight hug. “I missed you both so much,” Mama said pulling back to look at us.

“What is going on here and who are these people?” cried Edward frustration in his tone.

“We’re Emma and Bella’s family, mate.” Uncle Kol said, his eyes lit up when he noticed Jasper. “Long time no see Major. You’ve made quite the reputation since we parted ways.” Uncle Kol added grinning madly.

“I’m sorry I have no clue what you’re talking about,” Jasper said.

“Course you don’t. I had to take your memories of our time together away. Nikky here was looking for me, so to stay hidden I compelled you to forget.” Uncle Kol said pointing to the one unknown person in the room before he walked up to Jasper and removed the compulsion. Jasper had blinked a few times before a smile spread across his face. “I remember, Kol Mikaelson, been a long time in deed,” Jasper said clasping Kol in a man hug. “How did you meet Jasper?” Alice asked.


“He ran into me as he skedaddled out of a whore house like his pants were on fire. He was human and still green behind the ears.” Uncle Kol said laughing causing Emmett to howl with laughter.

“I had just joined the Confederates and was on my first commission, the other men I’d been riding with had wanted a night in town. I didn’t realise where they planned to spend the evening and had followed when I realised I made a quick exit and ran into Kol.” Jasper explained shifting his feet as he finished.

“Can we get back to my mate?” Edward sulked.

“I’m not your mate Edward Cullen.” I declared before turning and heading back into the living room; I heard scuffling and growling.

“Listen, mate, it seems you like you need a lesson in manners. One being when a lady declines you accept it and walk away. Second, you don’t enter a house uninvited ever and third you Never insult a lady especially in front of her family.” I heard ring throughout the room.


“Well Poppet, you couldn’t stay out of trouble while we weren’t here.” Uncle Kol said as he sat opposite me on the couch. “It’s good to see you Uncle Kol,” I say with a grin, I saw his eyes narrow. “I know that look, but I’ll ignore it for now. I want to know why that delusional wanker outside believes to be your mate.”

“I don’t know Uncle Kol. I’ve spoken to him maybe twice at school and ignored him the rest of the time. I’ve told him once already I wasn’t his mate and that was the night Grams arrived. I know he’s been caught creeping around outside the house at night recently. I said that whoever caught him was free to dismember him and deliver him back in pieces to his family. “I said going over everything knowing my family could hear.

“Yeah Uncle Kol, he’s been a total stalker, Bells and I put more protections around the house and early alarms as well because of him,” Emma said as she dropped into the seat next to me.

“He was dragged off and had most of his family with him, only Jasper remained. He wondered if he could catch up with you Kol.” Mama said as she entered the room, and coming to sit down. “Come in Jasper,” I said before smiling at Mama. Uncle Kol headed out.

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