Chapter 9: Not So Quiet Family Night…


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Bella’s POV:

“Isabella and Emma, I would like to introduce you to your Uncle Niklaus. Nik these are our nieces and Rebekah’s daughters.” Uncle Elijah said as he headed into the room and sat down. I stood up and turned to see Uncle Niklaus hanging around the doorway; I headed over to him tripping once before I hugged him. “It’s nice to meet you Uncle Niklaus. You’re welcome to call me Bella or Bells, the rest of the family does except Uncle Elijah.” I said hiding a grin when he hugged me back.

“Bloody Hell. I leave the room for a moment and enter the twilight zone when I come back.” Uncle Kol said causing Uncle Niklaus to pull back. I narrowed my eyes at Uncle Kol and chanting under my breath changed his clothes to a clown costume with floppy red shoes, squeaky nose, face painted and multi colored wig to complete the outfit. Everyone laughed once they got over their surprise. Uncle Niklaus looked at me with admiration and respect. “Your new look suits you Uncle Kol,” Emma said before she came over and hugged Uncle Niklaus as I stepped back. Uncle Kol had spluttered in shock and surprise before he stomped out of the room, the oversized shoes slapping on the floor making more laughter break out. “It’s nice to meet you both; you can call me Nik or Klaus whichever you like.” Uncle Nik said, he came further into the room and sat down. “Nice trick you did by the way, highly amusing.” He added once seated.
“Neither Bella or I are like the usual witches you’d meet; even we’re different from each other,” Emma said grinning.

“Emma is right. They are stronger than any witch, but Bella is slightly more powerful and proficient than Emma.” Grams said as she smiled at us. “Sheila Bennett, I presume? I hear you’ve helped them with their magic and protected our family as well.” Uncle Nik said inclining his head to Grams. “I wish to thank you. My siblings have each told me stories of everything over the years and have allowed them all to peacefully and happily enjoy being a family. I know that wouldn’t have happened if the girls weren’t around and they wouldn’t be safe if you hadn’t helped. I wouldn’t have gotten another chance to be a real part of this family if this hadn’t happened.” He added shocking Grams and the others of our family.

“Yo…. You’re welcome? I’m sure Rebekah shared what I said that day with you. I never thought they would all become like family to me, and I include you in that statement now.”
Grams said shocking all of us in the room. “I know we’ve only just met you Uncle Nik, but do you think we could also meet Uncle Finn?” Emma asked bluntly shaking everyone out of their shock.

“I was reading your mother’s grimoire, and I believe she is influencing uncle Finn’s actions and thoughts,” I said causing another shock.
“What do you mean? Nik killed her over a thousand years ago.” Uncle Elijah asked before continuing and making Uncle Nik pause.
“I’ve always known as do all the others. What mother did wasn’t right.” Mama added.
“It seems that after she had realized what she had turned you into, she wanted to undo it. When she found she couldn’t, she started planting thoughts into Uncle Finn’s mind as he was easier for her to get to, thinking you all would start following his lead.” I said before pausing. “She placed a preserving spell over herself before uncle Nik went to ask her to remove the curse. The way she did, it was so that eventually she would gain enough magic to come back and kill you all. The spell links part of her spirit to her body meaning she is in essence still alive and just ‘sleeping.’” I said as I explained it the best I could. “The reason she hasn’t come back before now is that I believe some of the spirits on the other side either don’t want you killed or because they don’t believe in killing one’s offspring no matter what they are.”

“How can we stop her?” Mama asked Grams came to look over the grimoire I mentioned.
“There is a lot of expression and even dark magic in here.” Grams said flipping through the pages.
“There are two ways we can help Uncle Finn. One is the fastest and simplest way, which is to destroy your mother’s body and send her spirit into oblivion. The second one is where the girls and I look for a spell to separate him from her influence but to do that we’d need to temporarily link you all together so that when the spell cast on him, you’re all protected.” Grams said looking from the pages to our family.
“To be safe let’s do both. We separate first before moving mother on.” Uncle Elijah said before looking to his siblings for their opinion.
“That would be best, let’s do this,” Mama said looking at Emma and me.

“The linking spell will be cast once Finn awakens, and we have the spell to separate you all from your mother. The same thing for removing her from this world, we do it once the spell we need is ours.” Grams said as she shut the book and left the room before returning with a mountain of grimoires in her arms. The other witches came in with more, and even Angela held a few as well. They created a circle on the floor with the grimoires laid out in the middle, Emma and I joined them.
“It’s like a live study group formed,” Mama commented as she stayed on the couch.
“The only difference is that only three here are high school age.” Uncle Kol said. Emma and I spent the rest of the night looking with the witches.

“We want to sever the bloodline, it won’t be easy, and there needs to be another bloodline willing to have them in the family.” Grams said looking around the group.
“What if we use my blood, get it to separate until it just holds my mother’s DNA and blood,” I said looking at the group.
“It’s a long shot. We don’t know how powerful she is or was and we’d need someone as or stronger than the ‘original’ witch.” Mary said from my right. “Both yours and Emma’s magic is different from ours, and we don’t know if it’ll affect the spell we need to do,” Jonas said.
“If we use your blood they would in effect become your children.” Someone piped up.
“What if we mixed both my blood with Emma’s? the power from us both has to be stronger than Ester, and since it’s mixed they would be from both bloodlines?” I questioned.
“It may work.”
“We could try and if it fails, have a backup ready,” Emma said looking around.
“If one bloodline isn’t strong enough what if you combine them, just like Bella and Emma will do?” Questioned Angela, her suggestion met with murmurs.

Later that week Emma and I chanted as we combined our blood as Angela and Grams joining us as they mixed their blood with ours. That way it was stronger and had both kinds of magic. When it was ready, Uncle Nik removed the dagger from Uncle Finn. Aunt Sage waited next to him, Jonas and another witch had cast the linking spell over some spiked blood drink. He got mama, and our awaken uncles to drink it while Aunt Sage tasked with slipping it to Uncle Finn as he woke. Once linked the witches started chanting the separation spell, Emma and I came in with the blood mix, and once they all drank it, the witches used magic to snap all their necks causing Emma and me to flinch.

We removed the linking spell as they started to come around after an hour before the witches left they filled a few goblets with blood for our family to drink and for Uncle Finn to gain his strength.
“I always disliked the after-effects of a snapped neck.” Uncle Elijah said coming to first.
“It had to be done to break your mother’s link to you all. It wasn’t pleasant for Bells or me, either.” Emma said as we waited as the others groaned and complained about the action. I passed out the goblets holding my breath the entire time. Aunt Sage took pity on me and took the tray from me with the extra blood for Uncle Finn and shooed me back to my spot. I quickly headed back and sat next to Emma before taking another breath.

“What do you mean by link?” Aunt Sage asked.
“Bloodline, to make sure Ester can’t get to either of her children again we had to replace the bloodline with a bloodline that has stronger magic to protect each of you,” I said.
“So Ester is no longer our mother?” Uncle Kol asked, his head tilted to the side.
“While she gave birth to you and raised you, she is no longer biologically linked. Think of her as a surrogate.” Emma explained, watching as everyone relaxed.
“What is going on and what is a surrogate?” Uncle Finn asked.
“I’ll explain everything later, just know Esther tried to use you to kill your siblings and you. Now she can’t do anything to any of you, thanks to your nieces Emma and Bella.” Aunt Sage said holding Uncle Finn’s hand.

“So who’s bloodline do we now belong to?” Uncle Nik asked, Emma, smirked.
“We had to combine a few to make sure there was enough power to replace and protect you from Ester,” I said ducking my head.
“Just spit it out already.” Uncle Kol said as he looked from Emma to me.
“There were four: Angela, Grams, Bella and I,” Emma said as I watched our family’s jaws drop.
“While you were linked we also linked one other with you,” I said, looking at my feet.
“We linked Uncle Henrik as well, so he is still family,” Emma said shocking our family again.

The next day as our family set fire to the coffin containing Esther’s body Angela, Grams, Emma and I did the spell forcing her spirit from both her body and from the other side and pushing it into oblivion. Once the ashes spread, we went inside giving our uncles and mama a moment as a family to mourn the final loss of their mother and come to terms with the information brought to light and had happened. When they came inside mama hugged Emma and I tightly and kept us in her eye line for the rest of the night and spent the next week mothering us.
Uncle Kol found he had access to his magic again and was soon working with the other witches to learn, teach, share and practice any and all good magic. Mama was willing to find out more about the healing magic and protections; she would work mostly with Grams and sometimes with Angela as well leaving Uncle Kol to spend his time with the others. Uncle Finn got updated on everything he had missed from Aunt Sage and Uncle Elijah, while Uncle Nik apologized to Uncle Finn about locking him in a box for nine hundred years. Surprisingly Uncle Finn forgave Uncle Nik and said there were no hard feelings.

During a thunderstorm, we curled up by the fire in the living room talk as a family. (Grams, Angela, Uncle Charlie and a few of the other witches and even some vampires regarded as family.) At one-point Uncle, Kol had shuffled several decks of cards together, and we ended up playing the largest match of poker ever. Several rounds in something or someone triggered our magical alarms, stopping play and bringing everyone to high alert. Emma and I sealed the house so no one could enter unless they were a part of our family. Our family surrounded us while some went out to find out what or who triggered the alarm. Moments later we could hear struggling and shuffling. Uncle Kol left the room growling.

“Bloody Hell! You again, have you not learned that my niece wants absolutely nothing to do with you?” Uncle Kol exasperated tone ringing throughout the house. Everyone except me relaxed as something was niggling in my mind.
“He’s a diversion. There is someone else here or someone’s.” I said, my announcement met by Uncle Nik swearing enough to put a sailor to shame. Uncle Elijah left the room while Uncle Finn and Aunt Sage moved closer to Emma, mama and I. Mama tightened her hold on Emma and me, while Angela, Grams and Uncle Charlie all stood together ready to protect us as best they could.

Suddenly a horrible metallic screeching rented the air causing others to swear, before a sound of something hitting the ground. Uncle Nik disappeared from the room later, and seconds later a pathetic attempt of a growl followed. There was more of the metallic screeching, before a sickly sweet smell that reminded me of too much of overbearingly strong incense. “UGH! What is that horrible smell?” Emma complained Mama stroked Emma and my hair’s trying to soothe us. “That would be burning of a Cold One’s venom,” Mama answered.

“That would be plural, dear sister. Elijah and I found two others trying to get into the house. A third one took off; he seemed to be heading towards the Cullen’s house.” Uncle Nik said with Uncle Elijah next to him. Uncle Elijah’s tie was loosened and crooked, while his handkerchief was missing from his pocket. The cuffs of his suit and shirt seemed stained with some unknown substance. “Couldn’t wait for me? I love a good fire.” Mama said.
“Sorry Rebekah, maybe next time.” Uncle Nik said a grin lighting his face. A louder screech had filled the air before Uncle Kol walked back into the room. He throws something to a vampire near the doorway.
“Throw that and the rest of it in two separate cells. I have to make a call to a certain pretend vampire family.” Uncle Kol said before dusting off his hands and reached for the cordless home phone dialling a number which he seemed familiar.

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