Chapter 1: Resting In The Woods

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Disclaimer: Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Once Upon A Time belong to their respective owners. I just write whatever craziness that enters my mind.

Pre-Edited count: 2,236 words

Rebekah’s POV:

‘God I hate those bloody daggers Nik uses to keep my siblings and me in line.’  Gasping, I jolt upright smacking into the coffin lid, which I open. The jolting movements make me wonder how long I’ve been in the bloody box. A lid on my left opens, and I see Kol’s bewildered face as he sits up. The vehicle we are in hits a particularly harsh bump, causing us both to catch the lids of the coffins to keep from getting whacked in the head. Kol and I share a look as the speed starts to slow, then we sneak out of the coffins, shutting the lid as quietly and as softly as we can.  As soon as the vehicle stops, we take off into the thicket.                                              alderseepagethicket                                                                   

The next two days Kol and I stay together. He gets our identification sorted while I become a ‘descendant’ of myself to access the money we’d hid from Nik years ago. Well fed and updated on the times, we separate with a cellular device to keep in contact.
On the outskirts of the now named town of Mystic Falls, was my youngest brother Henrik’s grave. My family left the old world and travelled to a plague free world after having lost my oldest sister Freya to the sickness. Only two of my older brothers were born at the time: Finn and an infant Elijah. The rest of us were born in the new world: Niklaus, Kol, myself and Henrik. Eight hundred years since Henrik’s death and my parents turn the rest of us into vampires. Now I am back where I was born.


The clearing was untouched, with the grass tall and wildflowers throughout. Lying on the ground beside where Henrik’s body lay, I stare at the star-filled night sky. “So much has changed little brother, both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. I wish you were here, but at the same time, it might be better you aren’t. Our family isn’t the same with so much backstabbing and bloodshed. I miss you dearly, and I promise to visit again soon,” I whisper, my voice soft as if speaking any louder would shatter the peace around me.
Watching the stars above, I feel a wave of power wash across my torso, which opens my senses. I can’t feel any beings powerful enough to release that wave but nor can I feel any danger. I hear two heartbeats fluttering. An infant begins to cry.

I follow the sound but stop just short, hiding behind a few bushes, just out of sight. In front of my hiding place is a freshly hollowed tree. It looks like something has exploded, within the trunk. My mouth falls open. I become short of breath.  Lying in the cavern of the trunk lay two infants. One baby wrapped in a white blanket.  This infant is waving its arms while the other is covered in a worn coarse looking blanket.  The second infant works itself up to an ear-splitting wail. I watch. I wait for someone to come, but as time passes and temperatures drop, still no one comes. Finally, as the crying turns to sniffles, I can take no more and come from my hiding place, pick up the red-faced infant and hold the child just as my mother taught me when Henrik was small.

Bending at the knees, I manoeuvre the infant around until I can gather up the other as well. I leave the area with them both tucked tightly in my arms and head to my hotel room.  My hotel room is in a larger town over from Mystic Falls.  I compel a maid to open my door and ignore the infants sleeping in my arms. Moving to the bed, I lay the two in the middle before I place the pillows and a blanket around them on the bed to keep them from rolling off. Before the maid leaves, I compel her to write a list of everything an infant needs.  With the list in my hand and the maid compelled to watch over the two on the bed, I headed out.

I enter the first 24-hour baby store I come across. With the ‘help’ of two workers, I get everything I need, including a few parenting books. An employee, with a flatbed truck, delivers my order to the hotel before I compel him to forget me.  I dismiss the maid. I go to bathe the infants and notice the name ‘Emma’ embroidered on the white blanket. It is a lovely blanket with a purple ribbon around the edges.  I coo to Emma and listen to her little noises. Dried and dressed in a sleeping onesie, I pick up the other infant. Tucked into the worn and holey blanket is a letter. I place it on the table, throw away the blanket and bathe this baby. I repeat what I did with Emma, and as soon as the second baby is dried and dressed, I put her on the bed beside Emma. I sort out the bassinets with blankets and sheets before I mix formula together.  I feed the babies. With the two girls in the bassinets, I sing to them softly until they fall asleep.  The song I use is one that I remember from my childhood.

With the babies settled and sleeping, I read the note and start on the parenting books. I decide to claim the two girls as my own, knowing how it is to have been cast away. They are my daughters now. I wake a few hours later to hear one of the girls starting to fuss. I get up, check the diaper and try more formula. Moments after I finish with one, the other starts.  I repeat my actions and with both resettled; I head out to the balcony of my room. The sun is just starting to rise. Looking at the sunrise, I call Kol on the cellular phone.


“Missing me already sister?”
“Hello to you too Kol. I need to contact the person you use for papers; I have a few additional requirements.”
“Ah. I’ll give the information in a moment, first where are you?”
“I went to visit Henrik.  The clearing hasn’t been touched. Why do you ask?”
“Rumours have it that father is nearby. I’m guessing you’ll be heading away shortly. I’ll visit Henrik soon,” Kol says.  I hear the thinly hidden emotion in his voice.  After a few minutes, I have the information I need.  If my father is nearby, I feel concerned about that.  It is unsettling.

During the next few days, I begin to get the hang of looking after the girls. I keep the name from the blanket and flip through a few baby name books before I find a name I like and think suits: Isabella. The worry in the back of my mind of my father Mikael finding the girls causes me to seek out the closest witch. I end up back in Mystic Falls to find the Bennett’s house. It is not very hard. I get out of the rental and open the double stroller I have for the girls. At the front door, I ring the bell while rocking the stroller back and forth. I could hear the footsteps get closer to the door.


Answering the door, a woman passing middle age, cautiously asks: “Hello, can I help you?” “Hello, I’m looking for Sheila Bennett. My name is Rebekah Mikaelson,” I say with my hand out for a handshake. Her expression freezes for a second, as our hands’ touch.  She then pulls her hand away.
“I’m Sheila. I know you’re a vampire.”
Ms Bennett, I would like your help. I am willing to pay you and owe you or your family a favour,” I plead, watching as her eyes widen in shock.  Owing to a Witch or a coven of witches a favour is a rare thing to do, but it can put the one due to the favour in a dangerous place.
“I hope you understand why I won’t invite you in. We can talk on the porch, once I come out,” Sheila replies as she pushes the door open wider and steps out.  She stops in surprise when she sees the stroller.

“I found them in the forest. I waited to see if anyone was coming for them but no one showed up, and I refuse to leave any being to freeze to death. It’s the babies that cause me to ask for your help. I would like to raise them as my daughters, but since I am what I am, there are a lot of people that will use them to get to me or to hurt me. I would like a cloaking spell to hide them and me from anyone wishing to cause harm. Ms Bennett, are you able to do that?” I ask, sitting on the wicker chair.

On her porch, Sheila sat in the other chair watching me. I use my foot to keep the rocking motion on the stroller. “It’s highly dangerous and unorthodox if you do this. Can you show me where you found them?” Sheila asked.
 I nod in agreement. “It’s not easy to get there. To get there and back I’ll need you to carry the girls while I carry you.  Will you agree?” I asked.  Once it was settled, I head back to the rental and strap the girls in.   We head as far as I can go with the car before we continue on foot.


“There is powerful magic here. It’s protecting the area, which is why it is still untouched,” Sheila explains as she faces toward the clearing where Henrik rests.
“It is most likely my mother’s magic. My younger brother is buried not far from here. I was visiting him when I felt the power. You know what I found in the tree when I came to investigate,” I mention before cooing at the babies.  I feel Sheila’s gaze on me.

“You’re very good with them,” Sheila acknowledges as she puts the carriers down and then rests her hands on the trunk of the tree. “The power that sent them is or rather was very strong and not something from my kind or magic. What or whoever sent them, wasn’t a witch like me nor did they practise ancestral magic,” Sheila expresses gravely before turning back to look at me. “May I hold your children for a second? I might be able to sense something from them. One or both of them may be able to do magic,” Sheila explains. 


I nod uncertainly and watch as she lets the girls fist her finger.  With her eyes closed and brows furrowed, she is still for a moment before her eyes shoot open and I gasp. There is a soft iridescent shield-like bubble. “They both have magic. It is different for each of them.  However, it’s similar to the magic that brought them here,” Sheila reveals as we watch the bubble dissipate before our eyes. We head back to Sheila’s house, and she agrees to help.

“Normally I don’t like getting involved with Vampires or in Vampire matters, but I can see that you’ll be good for the girls and them for you,” Sheila decides before inviting me in. “Your younger brother was around when we were at the tree. He was the one that convinced me to help you.  He also asked me to pass on that you are right. While he would like to interact with the world today, he agrees that your family isn’t as they were when he was alive. He also said he is always around. You have a second chance of family so tell his nieces of their Uncle Henrik and when it’s safe, have your other brothers in their lives as it means more protection for them. He will send you a sign if he can, and he said to start with Kol in a few months,” Sheila adds.  I nod after a sigh.

“I will do that Henrik.  Just for you. I shall tell them of their brave Uncle Henrik. Always and Forever brother.” I whisper, looking out the front window.  I feel a breeze pass behind my left shoulder.
“I give my word to keep everything said and done today between us. I won’t repeat a word again,” Sheila vows. We shake hands and Sheila smiles as she leaves the room to grab what she needs.  “Henrik says, Always and Forever,” Sheila calls from the other room.

I spend the rest of the day telling Sheila of my family’s story. She passes on some child-rearing advice and even some stories of her own family.
“These amulets will keep you hidden; I made extras for the rest of your family as well. While the girls aren’t servants of nature, they’ll need to learn to control and even access magic, so I’ve copied all the grimoires I have to help them.” Sheila said before passing over several thick books.
“Thank you, Sheila. I shall make sure they know just how lucky they are to have access something so personal. I owe you more than a single favour. I will keep in touch with you, and when the girls are older we’ll come back to visit, and I am happy to have you a part of their lives. My family owes you Sheila Bennett, and you have our protection.” I say before I placed the books in the overflowing trunk of the rental car.

“You give those girls the best life possible is thanks enough, and I shall be pleased to help them and teach them all I can. The magic they have could be powerful enough to reverse some of your weaknesses. Keep them safe for it won’t just be other vampires after them. Power hungry witches and even werewolves could come after them.” Sheila said waving us off before heading back inside her home.
I just passed the ‘leaving Mystic Falls’ sign when the cellular device rang; I answered pulling to the side of the road.
“Bekah. I got word that Mikael got sighted in South Carolina, you’d better leave Virginia and get as far as you can. I’m heading West; I think you should too.” Kol spoke before I could say anything.

Words: 2,468


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