Chapter 2: Family Travels

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Rebekah’s POV:

It had been a year since I had received Kol’s warning call and I’d done as he suggested and gone west. I ended up in a small town called Forks. I had just turned from the highway into the gas station when a police car got T-boned by a semi-trailer. I reacted quicker than I thought and compelled the officer to drink enough blood to survive and to be careful until the blood left his system. Thinking that was the end of it I went back to the car and sung the girls to sleep. The next day I had been looking around a nearby town of Port Angeles when I heard a familiar voice, turning around it was the officer I had saved. He had been crossing the street when a car ran a stop sign and running into him head on, killing him. I cursed his luck as I removed him from the scene and drove back to the motel room in Forks.


When he woke, I explained everything to him and learned his name was Charlie; he completed the transition. Sheila made a daylight ring, which I gave Charlie and I spent two months teaching him all he needed for control and his new life as a vampire. He enjoyed helping me with Emma and Isabella, during the time. Rumours filled the town about Charlie and his seemingly close relationship that was all based on speculation. It was a sad day when the girls and I left town. We ended up in Los Angeles, California. The list of people in need of updating grew. Charlie came to visit when he could, fuelling the rumours in Forks that he was Emma and Isabella’s father. Charlie and I were enjoying laughing at the newest rumour that went around.

Isabella was a quick learner and was crawling at six months, Emma started at seven. Baby-proofing a house was harder than I thought and while the house was nowhere near the ‘normal’ size Nik used, it wasn’t tiny either. I had hired a couple of staff to help look after everything while I looked after the girls. Sheila dubbed them ‘the twins’ in one of her letters and the nickname stuck. Their first birthday was a fun day, which Sheila and Charlie both came specifically for. All had been going well until the doorbell rang. I got Charlie and Sheila to hide the girls while I went to answer the door. On the opposite side of the door stood Sage, my oldest brother Finn’s girlfriend and the first he turned. Her red hair cut short shone like flames in the light.


“Sage, It’s a surprise to see you. None of my brothers are here; I live on my own here.” I said watching the sadness and disappointment flash across her face.
“Oh. I was hoping Finn was finally free.” Shoulders slumped Sage replied. I opened the door wider with a barely withheld sigh motioning her to come in.
“I’m sorry Sage. You’re welcome to join me, with a little party.” I said before shutting the door and calling to Charlie and Sheila to come out.

“…..Sheila cloaked us, to keep the girls safe and Charlie was an instinct.” I summed up a year for Sage, sitting in the living room with one eye on the two stumbling birthday girls. Isabella seemed to have more issues with her balance than Emma.
“Wow, you’ve certainly have had an exciting and busy year. I promise to help keep the girl’s safe anyway I can.” Sage said as she too watched the girls.
“They certainly have a strange family, and those of us who will help protect them,” Charlie said with a twitch of moustache. Laughter filled the room following his comment. Sage ended up staying with us for three months before she got restless.

A month after Sage left, I got a call from Kol. He wanted to talk; he had visited Henrik. His sarcasm didn’t hide from me that he missed out sibling and being a family. For safety, Sheila had spelled the house, so anyone had to be invited in, even though I owned the house. Kol came with a small backpack the only thing with him.
“I’ve been travelling. Saw the sights and hung out with some witches. I had fun times. The spirits on the other side said you’d made friends with a rather powerful witch.” Kol said when he saw my careful look, causing me to smile thinking of Sheila.

“The spirits are right. I’ve made friends with Sheila Bennett; she is under my protection. A lot has happened in a year, Kol. I would like to introduce you to a couple of people.” I said before having the maid bring over the girls. “Kol these are Emma and Isabella. I adopted them and with Sheila’s help keep them safe. Girls say hello to Uncle Kol.” I said taking the girls from the maid.


“Bekah…..You’re not serious are you?” Kol questioned as he looked at the two.
“Yes, they’re like us. Left in the forest, I couldn’t let them die.” I said the look that passed over Kol’s face spoke volumes. He sighed before smiling “Hello my little nieces; I’m your uncle Kol. I’m the best uncle ever.” Kol said watching as Emma reached out to him.
“Emma would like her uncle Kol to hold her. Henrik holds the title of best Uncle, but I’m sure he won’t mind sharing that title with you.” I said as Kol awkwardly held Emma in his arms, she happily babbled away in her baby speak. Kol set up a guest room how he wanted, and the twins gained another family member, while I gained one of my brothers back.

Time flew by, visits between Sheila, Charlie and Sage happened like clockwork. At six Isabella started acquired her powers, and so her lessons began between Sheila and Kol. Emma gained hers at nine, and it was around then things proceeded to change. Kol and I heard whispers that Elijah had turned on Niklaus after Nik had supposedly thrown our coffins into the ocean. Sheila helped the girls increase the protection spells around and a few other things.

After a sign from Henrik and with a little bit of magic word got to Elijah. It was days after the ‘twins’ tenth birthday Elijah showed up, shocked and surprised to see us alive and well. Everything explained including about the girls. While Bella welcomed Elijah, she was untrusting of him, and Emma took a while to warm up to him.
“Mama, the school, is getting suspicious,” Bella said coming inside one afternoon.
“I think it’s time to move. How would you girls like to see Europe?” I asked before laughing as they squealed in delight.


“Shall we take that as a Yes, I wonder?” Kol said teasing both girls turned to glare at him. “Uncle Kol…. Of course, it’s a yes. We can see mama’s Chateau in France; The villa’s in Italy and Greece, not to mention the castles. Oh, this is going to be such fun.” Bella said with a sigh, pleasure clear on her face. Emma nodded along before chime in. “Yes, and we get firsthand accounts from people who lived through the vast events of history. Plus Grammy Sheila said she would get in contact with a few Witch covens that she trusts to help up. So much to see and do not to mention everything we’ll learn.”

The girls hurried upstairs chatting about what they should and shouldn’t pack, Kol turned towards me bewilderment expressed on his face. “Bekah, those two are bookworms. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are smarter than us all.” Kol stated Elijah patted him on the back a smile spread across his face.
“I never thought I’d see the day where you two weren’t bickering over everything and ending with a killing spree. You both seem to happy which is all that I wanted for us all as a family.” Elijah marvelled, Kol and I turned grinning at him.
“Oh brother, we still bicker, and the killing sprees are committed away from the girls. Haven’t you heard of the lowest crime rate in the whole state being here? How do you think that happens?” Kol and I informed him together, seeing his surprise caused us to laugh.
“Uncle Eli, Mama and uncle Kol won’t change who they are just like the past issues still linger. They won’t flaunt it in front of Emma and I. They have grown mentally and emotionally, but they will hold onto how they were at the age they changed,” Bella said from the top of the stairs.

We changed the properties to the girls and got them only to pack what they needed as we would buy everything else when we got to our destination. The twins hurried around like two mini tornados, much to Kol and even Elijah’s amusement. The girls loved travelling; they talked to every witch they met and viewed all the sights they could. Six months in England flew by, and Emma begged us to go to the highlands of Scotland. Surprisingly we stayed for a year there; the girls read everything they could get their hands on about all the folklore and fables. Bella enjoyed Grimm’s fairy tales and would defend some of the villain’s actions and could sway anyone to her way of thinking.

From Scotland we travelled to France, staying three months before moving to Greece. Mythology became the next focus for the girls, and they bonded of it with Elijah. Their eleventh birthday was spent on a cruise around the Greek Islands before it docked in Italy. Sheila, Charlie and Sage joined us, and the girls spent most of their days dragging one of them or us to join in on things they wanted to do. Eight months we spent going around Italy, the girls loved the historical sites, they did cooking classes in every region learning the differences and enjoying the flavours. Bella loved hiking up Vesuvius, and Kol got a kick out it as he kept Bella from tripping and stumbling as we went. Emma and Bella commented on the pure power they felt from the volcano.

Seven months in Switzerland found us with injuries galore for Bella, skiing, snowboarding and even tobogganing were too dangerous for her uncoordinated body. I had to put my foot down and stop Kol and Emma bringing a reluctant and resisting Bella along on their sporting fun. Their twelfth birthday passed with no incidents. She was happy spending the days in front of the fire reading classics and studying her grimoires. Elijah enjoyed discussing the classics with her. Denmark was intriguing, and Elijah spent most of the time keep Kol out of trouble, while the girls hung out with a witch coven and practising their magic. Bella had an easier time with her magic than Emma.

Bella hated the cold Russian weather but loved the buildings and Emma seemed to enjoy making amusing snowmen.  The girl’s thirteenth and fourteenth birthdays found them enjoying themselves through Asia. They loved playing with the tiger cubs in Thailand, but we didn’t enjoy the fancy dinner parties the king through for our visit. Elijah had to stop Kol from taking a bite out of the king, which amused the twins to no end. Fifteen four the girls touring Australia and Emma begged us to adopt a Koala and Kangaroo. Bella loved the snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and off the small island of Rottnest. We travelled back to America, and the girls enjoyed New York for their sweet sixteenth. Three months after their Sixteenth trouble was brewing and Sheila was calling in her favour.


“Emma, Bella we need to you to go stay with uncle Charlie in Forks. It seems some witches are trying to kill Niklaus.” I said sitting in the living area of the apartment in New York.
“Why can’t we come, we could help,” Bella asked, pleading in her eyes. I felt horrible about separating from them.
“Baby, it’s too dangerous for the both of you. I wish there could be a way for you to be there but I won’t put you girls in danger. You love Uncle Charlie; you can go to a typical high school and have some normal human experiences. It should only be for a few months, and then I promise we can go anywhere and do whatever you both want.” I said watching the sadness turned to joy.
“Okay, we’ll stay with Uncle Charlie and call you every day,” Emma said gripping Bella’s hand, they shared a look before nodding.
“Deal and if anything goes wrong. One phone call and we will come and get you, and we will rework a safe place for you both.” I said as we all shook hands sealing the deal.
“We are going to have to go shopping to get the right clothes,” Emma said causing Bella to sigh. “Let’s get it over with,” Bella stated. Elijah got a car for the girls, and before they stepped onto the plane, he handed them a set of keys each.

“This is so you can have an independent way of getting around if Charlie is working,” Elijah said, he jumped when the girls squealed and jumped to hug him.
“Thank you so much, Uncle Elijah. This is fantastic.” Emma said once the girls let go.  Elijah straightened his tie and smoothed out his suit causing Kol to roll his eyes at the action. I discreetly wiped away a few tears.
“Oh mama, no matter what you’ll always be the best. We love you and will miss you most.” Bella said as she tightened her arms around me.

“I know baby; I just wish we didn’t have to be separated. Now look after each other, take care, and we will only be a phone call away. Remember you’re Mikaelsons, don’t let anyone mistreat you and allow no one to talk down to you. Charlie is going to be there if you need him. We have a place there; the keys are on your key rings. Charlie lives close by but states his house is too small for the three of you, so you’ll have the house to yourselves. Don’t have any crazy parties and please stay on your best behaviour, La Push is home to a group of shape-shifters. So it’s safe to keep a low profile. I love you both and will miss you; you’d both better get on the plane.” I state hugging the twins one last time before they boarded their private flight.


“Come Bekah. Let’s save our brother from the witches and talk him into us all being a family again so that we can get back to your two girls.” Kol said, his hand resting on my shoulder. I nod before turning and heading for our flight. “Yes, let’s show them you don’t mess with a Mikaelson,” I said flipping my hair over my shoulder.

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