Chapter 3: Welcome To Forks….


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Bella’s POV

I bit my bottom lip as the seatbelt sign went out. Emma was laid back in her seat next to me a lazy grin on her face. “Bella, everything will be okay. We’ll see Uncle Charlie again and pretend we are just clueless humans for a bit and then we will be back with our family. Remember what mama said, we’re Mikaelson’s nothing can break us.” Emma said cracking one eye open to look at me.
“I know Em, it’s just what if uncle Niklaus daggers them again?” I muttered blinking back tears. Emma came and sat in the seat next to me and gave me a light nudge in the side. “Oh Bella, you can’t think like that. The ‘what if’s’ will drive you insane. We put protection charms on them, and we still have our secret project to work on.” Emma said a grin stretching across her face.


“Okay, you win. So what do you think the house will be like?” I gladly asked when Em seemed to go along with distracting me.
“I think it will be one of the larger houses in town. Could you honestly see Uncle Kol or Uncle Elijah in a small place? Even our old house in LA wasn’t exactly small, and it was just mama when she bought it.” Emma said laughing; I joined her the thought of Uncle Kol in a small residence for him was truly something we couldn’t imagine.

Emma shook me awake after we had landed. “I think, I’d better drive. We’d better call mama or Uncle Kol and let them know we landed safely.” Emma whispered in my ear once I was awake and she had my attention. “Do you think there will be furniture at the house or do you think they left it up to us?” I ask with a yawn before we grabbed our handbags. One of the attendants unloaded out cases from the cargo area of the plane, waiting outside the hanger off to the side of it stood a blue Audi Q5. A security light was seemingly acting like a spotlight on the car. As I hopped into the passenger’s seat, Emma tipped the attendant with our bags after they’d loaded them into the trunk of the Audi. I hummed at the heated seating and grinned at Emma as she got in.


“Remind me to thank uncle Elijah again. This car is so sweet,” I said, causing her to grin.
“I’m thrilled we got all the bells and whistles. This is heaven in this cold place. I’m hoping they got the bare essentials for the house and you can bet Uncle Kol has done something.” Emma said as she followed the signs to the exit.
“I’m glad we didn’t have the three-hour drive from Seattle to Forks, we’d better call Uncle Charlie as well, he might have something planned for our arrival,” Emma said as we left the small airstrip behind and headed towards the lights of Port Angeles. I frowned looking at my phone; I could see Emma watching me from the corner of her eye. “Bells, what has you frowning?” I sighed and looked at her, “I got mama’s and Uncle Kol’s voicemails, should I call Uncle Elijah?” I asked worrying my bottom lip with my teeth again. Emma pursed her lips as her brows furrowed before her expression cleared. “Yeah try him. If he doesn’t answer then try Uncle Charlie before calling Mama again.” Emma said as she straightened in her seat. “If mama saw you just now she’d have lectured you on slumping like you were. How small is Forks anyway?” I commented and then asked.

“Oh, hush. Mama doesn’t need to know, at least you didn’t need to be tied to the dining chair with scarves or have books balanced on the top of your head. Uncle Charlie said the town has just over three thousand residences and our sophomore class has just over three hundred.” Emma said with a slight grumble; we shared a laugh at the memories of her ‘proper’ posture classes one I got to sit out of just because I already had balance problems that our family had tried everything to try and help. I scrolled down to the familiar if slightly under used number for Uncle Elijah.

“Hi, Uncle Elijah. We landed safely; we love the car especially the seat warmers. Thanks for all the bells and whistles, Emma is driving and I’m going to call Uncle Charlie shortly.” I said glad that someone finally answered their phone.
“Bella, Kol and Rebekah wanted to pass on their apologies their phones were on silent in their rooms, and they didn’t hear them. You’re very welcome with the car, only the best for my Nieces. Tell Emma to drive safely, and Rebekah said to call her before you go to bed.” Uncle Elijah said we chatted a few more minutes before I rang off and called Uncle Charlie. My call to Uncle Charlie was a little shorter, and moments later I hung up, I shook my head as Emma turned the music up as we left the lights of Port Angeles behind.

“Everyone is fine, and Uncle Charlie will meet us at our place. He said he’d go everything with us. He also mentioned that we only had to tap the home button on the GPS.” I informed Emma before reaching forward and touching the touch screen console and finding the right button to press. “At least we don’t have to try and wing it. Do you remember how Mama explained about the rumours that spread when we were babies about Uncle Charlie and her?” Emma asked peeking at me from the corner of her eye again.

“Yeah, how could I forget? We’re supposed to be his secret twin love children.” I stated with a laugh, Emma joining in. “I know; I wonder what they’ll be saying when we arrive. I mean I guess you and Uncle Charlie have similar brown hair and eyes, but I’m blond with green eyes.” Emma remarked, sharing a smirk that would make uncle Kol proud. “I guess I can see it, but there are marked differences, I have a darker hair colour with red highlights and my hair is curlier. They would just say you take after mama since she is blonde as well. The green eyes would attribute to family genetics. Think when we need to say something we don’t want to be overheard we speak in mama’s mother tongue?” I asked I caught Emma’s nod and her grin. “Yes. It’s like our secret language. I doubt anyone would be able to recognise it.” Emma theorised. “Okay, it’s settled then.” I agreed.

Home In Forks for Blood Isn't Everything

Soon we pulled up into a large circular driveway after a slight drive through the trees.
We might be living in the biggest house in Forks, with a driveway like this.” Emma and I commented at the same time. The green fauna fighting for space parted just enough for us to see a glimpse of a cream and grey two story house. Four columns were framing the front of the house. Lights were on and seemed to bring the home to life. “This looks almost like a fairytale,” Emma muttered, I snorted. “Oh Em, I don’t think Snow White and the Seven dwarfs lived in a place like this.” I quipped. Emma laughed “Bella…. I mean this place is awesome, massive but impressive. I bet this is all Uncle Kol.” Emma said trying to whine my name but was still laughing too much before pointing out who might have caused this. “You’re probably right. I have to admit there is a certain charm about the place. The fairy lights elegantly spread throughout the gardens, and nearby trees give the place a view of softness.” I added, Emma parked under the covered porch and turned the car off.

“Ready to brave the cold?” Emma asked with a grin, her eyes sparkling with mirth. “Not even a little bit, let’s go.” I uttered before jumping out of the car with a yelp at the change in temperature. “It’s not as bad a Russia,” Emma commented, causing me to glare at her. “Don’t bring up Russia,” I warned my eyes narrowing as Emma laughed. We walked to the front door, Emma opened it. Our jaws fell open; the golden wood bannister glistened under the light from the crystal chandelier. The carpet was a thick plush burgundy red, the walls a warm golden cream. “Damn. We live here?” Emma questioned, turning we looked at each other. “I’m almost scared to see what the rest of this place looks,” I said cautiously wiping my feet before stepping inside, Emma following. The living room was empty; the dark timber floor shined off the lighting. Against the royal blue walls hung butter cream coloured gauzy curtains framing the windows.

Forks Entrance Hall.

The dining room wasn’t as empty as the living room; a small wrought iron garden seating set lonely sat near the window. The cherry wood floor polished was offset, but the panelled walls, with sea foam paint, softened the room.  A note sat in the middle of the table, Emma moved to pick it up.

While this house is more traditional Mikaelson style, I was able to convince your mama and Elijah to give you both free rein with the house. Upstairs in one of the closets are two trundle beds and extra blankets. You both have laptops and Charlie called to say the utilities are turned on, including the internet. The second draw in the kitchen holds an envelope with the cards you’ll need while living here. Your mama said a delivery would arrive the day after you have settled in. Trust we are proud of you both, and we know our confidence in you two is entirely justified.
Love (your favourite living Uncle), 
Kol.” Emma read out; our jaws dropped again as we looked around.

“I don’t know why we are so surprised; we saw their places all over Europe and the rest of the world. It’s not like they hid their wealth or how we’ve lived.” I said as we sat at the table. “It’s the first time without them, and usually the places are already furnished, we to how extravagant they’ve lived. We expect to see the over the top decorations and expensive or antique furniture, not big empty rooms. Where do we begin?” Emma reasoned looking around we blinked. Our bewilderment was broken by Uncle Charlie calling from the front door.

“Emma? Isabella? Are you here?”
“Come on in Uncle Charlie, We in the room second door on the right.” We called out together. Uncle Charlie’s low whistle carried throughout the lower area house. “Well, I’ll be damned. When Kol said he was bringing the empty house next door up to par, I thought he was just talking about modernising the fifties interior and making sure the roof didn’t leak.” Uncle Charlie said as he appeared in the doorway. Emma and I got up and hugged him tightly.
“Apparently it’s time we lived in true Mikaelson style, although we have the choice over how to furnish this place,” Emma stated imitating Uncle Kol.

“Right, I think you have a lot to do. How about we dine at the diner and then you two can work out this later.” Uncle Charlie said gesturing to the room. “Sounds great but dinner is on Uncle Kol tonight. Since he did say for everything we need, and we need to eat.” I said pointing out the wording, Emma grinned before heading to the kitchen to grab the envelope.

“BELLA!” Emma screamed, Uncle Charlie and I looked at each other before hurrying into the kitchen. Uncle Charlie in front of me with his gun drawn entering before me. I stopped next to Emma looking at what she had spread on the counter. Eight bank cards, lined in two columns four cards down.  There were also two stacks of one hundred dollar bills.
“It seems your uncles don’t do anything small. The stacks must be a few thousand at least.” Uncle Charlie said from behind Emma’s right shoulder, causing her to jump.
“Yeah, I think we got thrown into the deep end without any floaties.” I snark as I picked up the four cards with my name on it, Emma gathered hers. We each took a stack each, still reeling Uncle Charlie piled us into our car driving us and us to the diner.

Entering the diner everyone went quiet when they saw uncle Charlie wasn’t alone.
“Evening Chief, there is a booth down back that’s free.” A middle age waitress said as she came forward and motioned for us to follow her.
“Evening Cora.” Uncle Charlie greets before he slid to the far side of the booth. Emma and I sat next to each other, we grinned. The now known name of the waitress left us with our menus; we could hear whispers starting up.
“So Uncle Charlie is there anything we should be aware of?” Emma questioned softly; Uncle Charlie coughed before looking at us.

“The whole town has been talking about your arrival. It seems one of the other officers overheard me talking to Rebekah about you two. There is some bet about me finally claiming you as my daughters. I get my blood bags from Port Angeles and usually have dinner here regularly since I can’t cook.” Uncle Charlie said, his moustache twitching.

“Aw. Uncle Charlie, you were the closest things we had to a father. You helped mama when she needed it.” I said remembering some of the fonder times growing up.
“Yeah uncle Charlie, we’d be honoured to be your daughters and no one could be able to compete,” Emma said her grin lighting up her whole face.
“Emma is right Uncle Charlie; you are wonderful father material, especially since our biological parents were such dropkicks. We got lucky mama found us and claimed us as her own. We wouldn’t mind if you did the same, the only thing is it means you’d have to put up with the rest of our family which means Uncle Kol.” I added, we saw uncle Charlie grimace at the mention of Uncle Kol.

“No offence girls, but Kol is psychotic.” Uncle Charlie said causing Emma and me to laugh. “Eh, he wouldn’t be who he is if he didn’t have some screw or two loose. You’ve met Uncle Elijah and heard the same stories of the rest of the family; Uncle Kol fits right in.” Emma said chuckling with a shrug. The waitress Cora came back.
“Everyone ready to order?” Cora asked we all nodded. Charlie motioned for us to start. “I’ll take the deluxe beef burger with a garden salad and a chocolate milkshake,” Emma ordered. “I’ll get the deluxe cheeseburger with chips and a strawberry milkshake. Can I also get an extra glass please?” I ordered sharing a grin with Emma. “I’ll take my usual, thanks, Cora.” Uncle Charlie said before shaking his head at us.
“Don’t knock it until you try it, Uncle Charlie,” Emma warned a glint in her eye, the waitress hurried off.

Our orders came out after a short wait, Emma poured half her shake into the extra glass before I poured half of mine to top hers back up. I then mixed the halves together, Emma and I toasted each other before taking a sip. Shaking his head in amusement before Uncle Charlie dug into his steak. Emma and I split our chips and salad between us, the same thing we always did. We chatted and caught up during dinner, enjoying the lightness of it. We just finished eating when Emma looked squarely at Uncle Charlie.  “So Uncle Charlie, what is our story.” Emma bluntly asked causing Uncle Charlie to choke on his drink. Coughing he recovered and without blinking looked right back at her.

“I’m a friend of the family; I helped your mum out while she deals with some personal business. The rest of your family is to join you both here or come to collect you. The reason you don’t stay with me is that my place is too small and your family trusts you. I’m next door in case of any trouble and to keep an eye on you.” Uncle Charlie responded.
“What does the school know,” I asked biting my lip.
“I explained that you both spent the last few years with a private tutor as you travelled around the world with your family.” Uncle Charlie added we nodded our head as we got out the booth.

Emma and I each put down a $100 bill and stopped by the door as we watched the waitress’s jaw drop. When she looked up catching our eye, we smiled and said “Keep the change” before we left. We could hear her spluttering and whispers from those around her.
“I think you both spend too much time around Kol and Elijah.” Uncle Charlie stated as he drove back to our place.
“Nonsense, darling. Giving double digit tip is normal. We’re Mikaelson’s, and we live like it.” Emma said once again imitating uncle Kol to a ‘T’.
“God help, Forks High. I hope they are ready for you both.” Uncle Charlie chortled out causing us to laugh as well.
“They won’t see what hit ‘em,” I said pretending to raise a glass causing another round of laughter. Uncle Charlie locked the car before handing us the keys and heading to his cruiser. He waited until we were inside before driving off.

After locking the house up and finding the trundle beds, Emma and I looked through the rooms to claim our own.  Emma chose a room with a balcony, the room itself had soft ochre walls and grey carpet. The room I chose had midnight blue walls with golden carpet; the ensuite had a large sunken bath that could fit six people in comfortably, the turquoise floor and sand coloured walls reminded me of the clear blue water and of the beaches we’d relax on. The Shower had twin waterfall showerheads with the perfect pressure. It was so relaxing that I didn’t want to move. Eventually, I got out and hurried to dress in my pyjamas.

Comfortably set up on the trundle bed with an extra blanket I got onto the internet and started looking at furniture. Emma came to join me; her damp hair rested on the towel she had hung over her shoulders. “Start with our rooms first then we can do the living areas. We can think of what we liked from the other residences our family has.” I said as I looked over the top of my laptop to glance ay Emma. She had inclined her head before she squeezed in next to me. “This way we can see if anything catches our attention on the other screen,” Emma said as she looked at her laptop. The next few hours were spent mostly in silence occasionally broken by one of us pointing something out to the other.

Around midnight my phone rang causing Emma and me to jump.
“Hi, mama,” I answered as I put the phone on speaker before Emma gave her greeting.
“Bells, Ems. Charlie said everything is fine other than a rather large tip at the diner.”
“We were just doing as Uncle Kol said and started living like a true Mikaelson,” Emma said quoting uncle Kol’s letter. We heard shifting and a muffled “Bloody Hell” before mama returned.
“Kol didn’t say how much of the house he changed, but he did talk to Elijah and me into leaving it up to you both to furnish it.” Emma and I shared a look that morphed into a slow smile. “Oh mama, we’ll take photos and show you when you come. We decided to just get the basics for your and Uncle Elijah’s rooms. So far we have ordered everything for both our rooms, the study, kitchen and living room. The dining room is next on our list.” Emma and I said finishing each other’s sentences.

We could hear mama humming in response. “It seems like you two have everything under control, it’s good to know and hear. Elijah and I can have order and have it delivered to you if you want. Would you like that?” Mama asked.
“Yes, mama that would be a big help. Just for you and Uncle Elijah and if Uncle’s Nik or Finn join us. Ems and I have something in mind for Uncle Kol.” I said covering Emma’s mouth to stop her from adding anything else.  “Of course, baby. We’ll let you have your fun. We’ll talk later, Elijah’s come back, and he looks grave. Love you both.” Mama said before sending us a few kisses. We quickly replied before she hung up. Emma yawned, and I nudged her off my bed. “Let’s get some sleep; we have a big day tomorrow.”


I hope you enjoyed the chapter and that it has been worth the wait.



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