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Hi everyone,

I’m sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated, I got busy with real life. I’m heading into my second year of University in my undergraduates’ degree, and so my long absence has been due to getting used to uni hours and keeping up on assignments. I’m hoping to update a couple more times before uni starts up again later this month. Thank you all for being so patient with this story and hopefully, I’ll be able to update more regularly this year.

~ Blissful

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Sorry No New Chapters yet..

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you lovely readers know that I won’t be able to update for a few weeks. I’m in the process of moving house and to make everything that much harder two days ago a water pipe burst in my bathroom and flooded my house, so I’ve had to unpack waterlogged boxes and wash the clothes that were in them, dry them and then repack them. I apologise for the delay in chapters. I wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season.

The Results Are In…

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA. I won’t give excuses, as they’re tiresome and annoying.
So while I left the poll open a couple of days longer than when I originally planned to close, I hope you guys took advantage of it and voted for which twist you would prefer.

As the title says the results are in and I’ve counted the votes I received both from my site as well as from where I also post Family: Always & Forever.

So the results are:

Different and secret Twist ~ 10 votes
Evil Elena ~ 4 Votes
Evil Elena teaming up with the Cullens ~ 4 votes
Trouble with the Cullens ~ 3 votes
Marcel causing trouble ~ 3 Votes
Ester coming back ~ 1 vote

Thank you all for voting and letting me know with messages and comments both here and on ff.n. I love to hear from you guys and I hope the surprise twist, will keep everyone waiting with baited breath. =)

Let me know if you would like me to mix two plot lines together or just leave it all secret for you to uncover later.

Chapter Ten is also up, click the image below to head over to it.

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Chapter Nine is here…

Hey everyone,

so yes as you saw chapter 9 is up and while it doesn’t have any pictures throughout the chapter if you see one that you think fits in feel free to suggest them and if I add them I’ll credit you. The poll is still up and will be until 15th November, so get your votes in, for your say in what you’d prefer to see in future chapters. I love to hear from you so send in any questions you have and I’ll try and answer them as I can.Links to both the poll and the next chapter is below.

The Poll…

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Chapter 8 is now up…

Chapter 8 is now up, this chapter has no images I’m afraid, I just couldn’t find any that fit into the story so you’ll just have to imagine it all. There is a poll up for possible plots for the future chapters so please check it out and I will see if I can mix the two most popular lines together if possible if not it will be the most voted so please vote. Also, let me know if you want to see someone else’s point of view. If so I’ll try my hand at writing from Damon’s point of view or someone else if you wish.

If you are curious about pairings send me a message and I’ll post it in the next A/N with the next update.


The Poll…


Happy reading.


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Grab your drink and get comfortable…

So now that you’re comfortable and with your drink in reachable distance, the next chapter of Family: Always & Forever is up and waiting for you.
click the image below to get to the story.

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I would love to hear from you about the story and if you like the images added within the chapters or if you would rather not have them and if you would like a recap at the beginning of each chapter from the previous chapter. Thank you again for reading.


A new Chapter and a little note.

I sure most of you have noticed that I don’t post usually between chapters, it’s usually because I don’t really know what to write and so I post when I have a new chapter added just like now. I apologize for the wait between chapters but a couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday and then a few days later was out with my family for Father’s Day here in Australia. I also currently don’t have my own laptop and have borrowed my mother’s work MacBook to post, which is the reason for the delay in posting.


Sorry again for the space between chapters but hopefully my laptop will come back from the factory in complete working order and I’ll be back posting roughly weekly. I say roughly because it seems every time I try and make a schedule something or someone disrupts it. So as most are familiar with click the image below to get to the next chapter.
Does anyone want me to add recaps of the last paragraph (s) of the previous chapter before continuing on or leave it as is?
comments welcome.

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